Six minutes of intense exercise increases the growth of
proteins useful for the brain. 

A research survey has shown that high-intensity exercise
can produce brain-friendly proteins that are very beneficial for the entire
This protein, named the ‘brain-driven neurotrophic
factor’ (BDNF), increases brain volume, strengthens memory, and improves
signaling between cells. This protein increases nerve cells (neurons) and also
makes new connections in the brain. 

If you do just six minutes of high-intensity exercise
every day, not only will BDNF be built up. Rather, this protein is preserved in
the brain. It was previously boosted by drugs and diet in mice and some
animals, but these drugs did not work in humans. After that, experts began to
consider exercise. 

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Just 6 minutes of intense exercise can increase the
production of proteins that are very useful for the brain. 

Now, Professor Travis Gibbons of the University of Otago
in New Zealand and his colleagues took 12 active people aged 18 to 56 and gave
them three tasks to see what processes produce BDNF. One group fasted for 20
hours, and the other cycled for an hour and a half and six minutes of intense
cycling (exercise-like). 

It was found that people who did six minutes of exercise
and vigorous cycling increased the production of BDNF in their brains. Even
some volunteers’ blood levels increased up to four to five times, while fasting
did not make any difference, and cycling for an hour and a half caused a slight

It has
been shown that even six minutes of moderate-intensity exercise is extremely
beneficial for the brain and should be made a routine. These exercises include
cycling, swimming, jogging, and hiking uphill.