Eating too much fast food leads to Liver diseases, Study 

A recent study conducted in America has shown that eating fast
food can lead to liver disease (fat on the liver). 

The liver is the second largest organ in the human stomach, which is
responsible for dividing food into two parts. This organ plays an important
role in the distribution of food to the body for blood and energy and to turn
it into human waste. 

The digestive system is also affected by the malfunction of the
liver and the disease of this organ can lead to many other diseases as well. 
Fatty liver is a common disease that is caused by an unhealthy diet
including obesity, smoking, and alcohol consumption. 

fast food

According to health experts, the most dangerous fatty liver is
caused by alcohol and smoking, but fat from obesity and eating unhealthy foods can
cause other problems, especially abdominal pain as well. 

American experts analyzed the data of 4,000 adults to find out
the relationship between fat on the liver and fast food, and found that
eating fast food, is closely related to liver diseases. 

According to Health News, research by experts has shown that
more than half of American adults consume fast food, and its use has been
steadily increasing over the past half-century. 

According to the research, surprisingly, the consumption of fast
food increased after the outbreak of Corona epidemic, which also increased liver diseases among people. 

The results showed that all people who consumed fast food had
fat in their livers, but those who consumed less fast food per day also had
lower levels of fat. 

Fast food links to higher chances of liver disease new study 

The study found that people who ate more than one fast food meal
a day had more fat in their livers. 

Experts said that common people think that eating fast food once
a day does not have any health effects which is why they are harming their health
by eating unhealthy food. 

Experts suggest that choosing fast food foods that are low in
fat and not fried can slow down the rate of fatty liver.