is now known that the use of face masks is necessary to protect against coronavirus
disease Covid-19.

what kind of mask can provide more protection from disease? By the way, N95 is
considered the best, but it is more important for medical professionals who
live close to patients. 

face mask

the general public, cloth masks can also provide considerable protection from Covid-19,
but the question is which type of clothing can be more effective?

answer has now emerged in a new medical study in the United States.

from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology found that cotton
face masks are more effective against covid-19.

medical organizations, including the World Health Organization, have
recommended that people use face masks.

this new study, the material of this face mask was tested in high humidity
conditions, which was similar to the air coming out of the mouth.

has shown that face masks made of cotton work better than expected.

study tested 9 different types of cotton and 6 types of synthetic fabrics,
including polyester and raven, at 99% humidity and 55% humidity.

results showed that cotton was surprisingly effective and that the difference
was very clear.

researchers said that the face masks made of cotton absorb the moisture
released by the breath and filter the particles in the air in a better way and
thus the risk of covid is significantly reduced.

has shown that face masks made of cotton are capable of catching up to 33% of
particles, while the performance of other types do not change in moisture.

researchers tested particles of different sizes in the study and found that
after the moisture is absorbed in the cotton, these particles get trapped in
the moisture.

fact, moisture increases the volume of these particles and makes it very
difficult for them to pass through the mask.

the other hand, synthetic masks do not create a humid environment, while
medical masks do not change the humidity, however, they are designed to work in
all kinds of environments.

has shown that the best type of cotton is cotton flannel.

believe that this type of cotton causes airborne particles to get trapped in
the fabric.

he also said that this does not mean that wet masks are better, if the masks
are wet, they should be replaced.

good news is that cotton masks can be washed and used many times, which are
also environmentally friendly.

researchers said that although more research is needed in this regard, the
results have helped in the search for international quality cloth masks, which
can slow down the spread of covid.

results of the study were published in the medical journal ACS Applied

Just Found The Secret Weapon That Makes Cotton The Best For Reusable Face Masks.