After the artificial intelligence software ChatGPT was
introduced in the age of technology, many people thought that everyone is using
this software, but the reality is somewhat different. According to the American
online media company Insider, a survey conducted by the American multinational
company Morgan Stanley showed that the number of users of ChatGPT is actually


The company surveyed 2,000 people in April and found
that only 19 percent use ChatGPT, while only 9 percent use the Google Bard
chatbot, only 7 percent use ChatGPT on a monthly basis, while only 8
percent use ChatGPT more than once a week. 

According to the large number of chatbot non-users, the
chances of using this technology in the next 6 months are low. Most people are using chatbot technology just to get information about a new topic,
however, the number of people earning from this technology is less. The company
says people are using the chatbot to compare prices to research new products. 

The impact of artificial intelligence on e-commerce could
drive revenue as companies monetize AI-powered recommendations and search
engines. However, 56 percent of people said that they initially use Google
search, YouTube when shopping online. It should be remembered that OpenAI, an
American company that researches artificial intelligence, introduced software
called ChatGPT in November last year. Cyber security experts say ChatGPT is
essentially a facility that makes it look like a human is asking a question to
another human.