Artificial Intelligence Affects Student’s Creativity 

The development of Artificial General Intelligence or
AGI, which surpasses human intelligence, poses long-term concerns for the
survival of humanity and may lead to unintended catastrophic consequences for
humanity. Because these modern AI systems may not be compatible with human
values and preferences. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is on a global tour. He said
during a visit to a tech powerhouse in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 5 that the
willingness of world leaders to control the potential risks of artificial
intelligence technology is encouraging.


AI students creativity

He said that in order to reduce the risks faced by
technology, we have to think carefully, pay attention, and take concrete steps
early so that we can take full advantage of it. On the other hand, Vice
President of the European Commission Vera Juror has suggested that to combat
fake information, the content generated by artificial intelligence tools such as
ChatGPT and Bard should be clearly labeled and identified. 

to him, companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta are signatories to the EU
code-off on combating disinformation, so they should report the relevant
security measures. However, ChatGPT, the fastest-growing application in
history, has started a race among tech companies to bring their products to
market that does not seem to be stopping.