Summary of Quran Chapter 46, Surah Al-Ahqaf, The Curved

It is known from verses 29 and 30 of this chapter that
they were revealed at a time when a group of jinn had listened to the Quran
from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). According to authentic
narrations, this incident occurred before the Prophet’s migration when he was
returning from Ta’if (a city in Saudi Arabia), and he was reciting the Quran
during the Fajr prayer at a specific location. 


Like other Makki (Meccan) chapters, this chapter also
emphasizes the fundamental beliefs of Islam, namely Monotheism, Prophethood,
and the Hereafter, with supporting evidence. During that time, incidents of a
particular nature were happening, such as within one family, some parents had
embraced Islam while their children had not, and these children were
questioning their parents about their conversion to Islam. On the contrary, in
some households, the children had embraced Islam while their parents had not,
and these parents were reacting harshly towards their children for accepting
Islam. Verses 16 and 17 of this chapter mention a similar situation and
highlight the rights of parents over their children in such circumstances. 

Additionally, in the past, the nations that adopted
disbelief and disobedience were mentioned, with a reference to the dire
consequences of their actions, specifically highlighting the people of ‘Aad’.
The place where they lived had many sand-hills known as “Ihqaq” in
the Arabic language. Hence, this chapter is named ‘Al-Ahqaf’ (The Curved
Sand-Hills) in reference to this context.