Treatment of back and joint pain in women 

Joint pain in women often begins during adolescence when
they start menstruating or when they face any stress or hormonal changes. This
pain may not occur on time or due to issues like blood clotting, etc. While it
may seem like a mere inconvenience, internally, it signifies a deficiency of
Vitamin D and E in them. 

This deficiency, which occurs after childbirth or at
the time, becomes a cause of lower back pain and internal health issues. If you
have been experiencing these problems, incorporating natural foods along with
medicinal prescriptions is advisable, and this prescription will likely benefit
you after some time. 

Back pain in Woman's

Optimal Women’s Health: Nature’s Remedies 

Take a
handful of dried melon seeds, almonds, and walnuts. Grind them separately
and make pills by cooking them in original ghee (Cooking Oil). Keep them and
consume them at any time during the day. This not only benefits your health but
also helps eliminate the deficiency of vitamins. 

Vitamin D was considered
crucial for the strength of bones and overall bone health only, but recent
research has revealed its association with heart conditions as well. A study
conducted in Australia investigated the link between heart diseases and Vitamin
D deficiency, and considering genetic evidence, it is now suggested that the
lack of this essential vitamin could be a cause of heart disease.