The Pitfalls of Direct Application: Lemons and Tomatoes on
Your Face 

When we think about skincare and addressing skin-related
issues, our first instinct is often towards natural and home remedies. However,
we cannot overlook the fact that such actions can have adverse effects on the

Disadvantages of Direct Application – Lemons or Tomatoes on Your

Skin specialists advise people to be cautious about using
household remedies to tackle facial skin issues. Many might think that applying
lemon or tomato directly to the face can be beneficial, but the drawbacks can
outweigh the benefits. 

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Expert Guidance for Healthy Skin: Choosing Vitamin C Serum 

Dermatologists recommend selecting a Vitamin C serum and
consulting with skin specialists before starting its use. 

Beyond Myths: Achieving Healthy and Glowing Skin 

On the other hand, experts suggest several ways to achieve
healthy and radiant skin. 

Healthy Skin Practices for Everyone: Debunking Gender Myths 

Contrary to a common misconception that skincare is only for
women, men should also take care of their skin. Although men’s skin is slightly
different from women’s, the general principles remain the same. 

Essential Steps for Men’s Skincare Routine 

Men should follow these essential steps for maintaining
healthy skin: 

  • Cleanse the face in the morning to remove dirt. 
  • Hydrate the skin by applying moisturizer. 
  • Lastly, apply sunscreen before stepping out.