How to Lose 40 Pounds Weight? 5 Principles for Weight Loss 

Weight Loss or losing weight can involve reducing stored carbs, protein, water, and fat. However, fat loss specifically refers to losing weight only from fat. Generally, fat loss tends to happen more slowly.

After years of unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, a woman achieved a remarkable 103.62 pounds weight loss within a single year by adopting five guiding principles. While life presents challenges to everyone, some individuals become inspiring examples for others. 

One such story revolves around a young lady whose struggle with weight was inherited from her overweight parents. Her childhood, marked by a plump appearance, underwent a significant transformation in her youth. Despite persistent efforts to shed pounds over the years, the journey was marred by repeated failures. 

The turning point in her life came during a journey when she realized she couldn’t fasten her seatbelt due to excessive weight or belly. This moment served as a wake-up call, prompting her to decide how she wanted to live her future.

Understanding the health risks associated with weight gain, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, she resolved to tackle her weight issues head-on. Additionally, her excess weight contributed to severe mental and physical stress, impacting various aspects of her life. Her struggle extended to societal perceptions, with friends often sidelining her due to her weight. 


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The weight loss journey had its share of setbacks, with occasional successes followed by regaining pounds. Despite losing hope, the woman made a pivotal decision to take control of her life. In just one year, she achieved a remarkable 103.62 pounds weight loss. Here are the principles she followed to transform her life: 

How to Lose Weight: 5 Guidelines for a Successful Transformation 

Wake up one hour earlier each morning 

She decided to wake up an hour early each day, dedicating this time to herself. During this time, she exercised, making a sincere effort to utilize the entire hour to work towards reducing her weight. (Devote this time to yourself, incorporating exercise and dedicating the entire hour to weight
loss efforts).

Engage in physical exercise 

Perform continuous exercise for thirty minutes, ensuring that every part of the body is in motion. The goal was not only to move every part of the body but also to engage in exercises that induced fatigue, causing sweat and helping to melt excess fat. (Do continuous exercises that engage every part of your body, ensuring both movement and sweating to help eliminate stubborn fat). 

Eat only for survival 

Realizing that people who eat for survival face serious health issues, including obesity, she gave up all items that were unhealthy for her and could contribute to weight gain. Instead, she focused on consuming only what was necessary for survival.

This change played a crucial role in reducing her weight. (Overcome the habit of living to eat, focusing on essentials that sustain life. Eliminate unhealthy items from your diet, contributing to overall well-being and weight reduction). 

Drink plenty of water 

She made it a principle to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Increased water intake not only helps in the elimination of toxic substances from the body but also plays a significant role in melting accumulated fat. (Make it a daily practice to consume sufficient water throughout the day. Increased water intake not only flushes out toxins but aids in melting accumulated fat).

Write down these ten things every day

Recognizing that physical health is impossible without mental well-being, she established the principle of writing down ten things every day for spiritual health. This practice brought her spiritual peace, resulting in positive changes in her life and thinking.

This not only assisted her in the challenging journey of weight loss but also helped eliminate discouragement. (Identify the importance of mental and spiritual health alongside physical well-being. Journaling positive aspects of life fosters a sense of calmness, aiding in both weight loss and overcoming discouragement). 

Spiritual Health

This is an undeniable fact that providing healing is within the power of Almighty Allah, and He does not need anyone in this regard. However, it is also a reality that the same great and superior God has also emphasized seeking treatment for the cure of illness. 

Even though the essence of Allah is absolute power, the entire universe can be subject to His command. He does not need any means or intermediaries, yet despite all these facts, Allah has also given us the command to use means. We have been informed that along with supplications, medication is also essential for the cure of illness, but it is crucial that the physician is not merely a professional doctor, but is also a qualified healer in the true sense.

In addition to expertise in their field, qualities such as compassion, love, and mercy towards (Allah Almighty) God’s creation should be present in them. 

What a person consumes has effects on both their body and personality. If we take precautions regarding food in light of the above-mentioned information, we can prevent many diseases and personal weaknesses. Avoiding excessive indulgence in traditional and unhealthy eating habits can contribute not only to our physical health but also to our spiritual well-being. 

From childhood, we have been receiving various guidelines from our elders regarding eating and drinking habits. For example, we are advised not to blow on our food, avoid consuming very hot food, not to eat or drink while standing, refrain from hurried eating, and eat only when hungry, among other things. Unfortunately, these are often perceived solely as religious or cultural directives. 

The message for people is to always set small targets and strive to achieve them.

Thank you for reading!