Vivo’s Powerful X Series Phones Unveiled 


Chinese company Vivo, known for making smart and
innovative smartphones, has introduced two phones from its powerful ‘X Series,’
which are being priced at a premium. 

Key Features: 

The company has presented the ‘Vivo X100‘ and ‘Vivo X100
,’ both featuring three rear cameras and a powerful front camera. These
phones are touted as the best and most robust in Vivo’s lineup, but their
higher prices have also drawn criticism. 

image by GSmarena 

Technical Specifications: 

Both phones come with a 6.78-inch screen, 12 and 16 GB
RAM, and 256 GB memory modules. The ‘Vivo X100’ is equipped with a 5000 mAh
battery and a 120W fast charger, while the ‘Vivo X100 Pro’ boasts a robust 5400
mAh battery and a 100W charger. 

Camera Setup: 

The company has equipped both phones with an impressive
camera setup. The ‘Vivo X100 Pro’ features three rear cameras with a sequence
of 50-megapixel lenses, complemented by a 32-megapixel front camera. Similarly,
the ‘Vivo X100’ sports three cameras, with two 50-megapixel lenses and one
64-megapixel lens, along with a 32-megapixel front camera. 

Camera Technology: 

Vivo claims that Sony’s technology is employed in the
cameras of both phones, enhancing their video and image-capturing capabilities.
According to the company, the cameras can produce images equivalent to
100-megapixel quality. 

Additional Features: 

Both phones include a fingerprint sensor and are
presented with Android 14. 


The ‘Vivo X100’ with a 12 GB RAM module is priced at
$567.85, while the 16 GB RAM version is priced at up to $709.82 in Pakistani
currency. Similarly, the ‘Vivo X100 Pro’ with a 12 GB RAM module costs $699.17,
and the 16 GB RAM version is priced at $841.13. 

Global Availability: 

introduced in China, the company plans to soon make these phones available in
various countries, including Pakistan.