Energy may be having many advantages, but it has some problems and issues. It
has multiple benefits and advantages, which do outweigh the problems, but the
problems highlighted here are the factors that are causing obstacles to bring
solar energy to an international scale and to use it effectively and properly.

benefits that have been mentioned about solar energy till now are just
predictions of what the Earth could gain by its implementation. It does not have
true large-scale success stories to spread the system to a large extent.


and Integrating a solar energy system into society is a very expensive issue
and affair for any government and if it happens to be a developing country or
third world country like Pakistan. One can easily forget solar energy.

are not ready to give up the infrastructure they already created for fossil
fuel technologies and will not easily take up an amount for solar
infrastructure. This is a sad but main reality of using solar energy. The
manufacturing of types of equipment itself is a business that very few people
dare to invest in, considering the stubborn unwillingness to give up fossil


damages the environment; it also damages the photovoltaic cells that would be
used to harness and get solar energy. Exposed to areas to cloudy or polluted
areas and places, solar energy cannot perform its best. This is also a
limitation, which scientists have tried to tackle. They have concluded, latest
designs that help to overcome such problems, and hopefully the technology will
get better to tackle and handle the worst effects.

large Space setup:

Solar Energy devices and types of equipment indeed require large, spacious
areas to be installed, and though it is good for rural areas, it is difficult
to adjust it in a crowded urban city. There would be pollution, clouds, and
less space installed in the whole system.

with Mild Weather:

mentioned earlier solar energy requires strong sunlight to get suitable heat
according to people’s needs, therefore it is best only for countries that are
typically very hot. For, European or surrounding countries, it is not very
helpful. These countries are usually quite cloudy and rainy and even if they
use solar energy, they need very strong panels. The problem with PV panels is
they require large space and urban cities cannot afford this sort of space. so
that the system to be installed.

Devices and types of equipment:

energy cannot be accessed during the nighttime one cannot get heat for their
needs and therefore extra equipment or batteries that will store this energy
will be required for heat consumption. When energy is converted from DC to AC,
a lot of energy itself is lost during the process, and to support that loss,
powerful grids have to be installed.

these times a complimentary solar energy station is also required to provide the
required energy during cloudy and bad weather or nighttime. Solar energy can
only be effective when all these issues are cleared and to be solved properly.
The time required for fixing the problems would require at least a quarter or
half of a century, it is a huge time to tackle these problems.

hope that by the next century, solar energy power may be effective enough
according to social needs, as right now, fossil fuel still rules the day with
all its might. We seriously think about it.