execution of pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs is proving useful and
effective because smokers are now facing strong resistance from their families
and friends in continuing their fatal habit. 

pictorial health cigarette

image of the half-cut mouth on the cigarette pack presents an extremely
terrible feeling. Because of these kinds of images on cigarette packs makes now
instead of keeping a full cigarette pack in my pocket, smokers now buy only two
or three cigarettes. And they now prefer not to keep a full cigarette packet.

Pictures Proved Useful

smokers have been smoking occasionally because of the implementation of
pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs, but now for the very first time
in cigarette smokers’ life, they are seriously thinking about quitting smoking.
They want to try to reduce the number of cigarettes that they smoke every day
in a proposal to stop smoking.

when try smoker’s taking out a cigarette from a pack that is ingenuously
telling you its results is just similar to preparing to commit suicide.
Students in this fatal habit especially university students these young people
have a chest infection after huge smoking. The Ministry of Health has done
outstanding work by implementing the new pictorial and graphical warnings on
cigarette packs.

some smokers are thinking about quitting smoking, a few have bought fancy
cigarette cases to stay away from the anger of their family. People, especially
young smokers, and students demand a stylish cigarette case. (One of my friends
a shopkeeper report).

lot of people also request for old cigarette packs, as they dislike the new
packing which is about 30% is enclosed with terrible images. When any family
member in the house is smoking cigarettes then it also affects the children and
they will also be involved in the same dirty habit in the future which is very
effective for our young people’s future.

Harmful for Health: Humble Request

and we all request and advise you, who are cigarette smokers, they must quit
smoking to avoid fatal diseases like cancer and infections of chest and throat
and also save precious money so that they will spend this money on their
children’s bright future: Think seriously today. Thank You!