has launched the latest game in February and the company has the policy and
plans to send approximately 1.5 million elements and units of the 3D-capable
handheld game players in Japan in the first month. The company official stated
in an interview. 

Company new Product and Plan:
is important that we ensure a continuous supply, Iwata was quoted as saying. The
companies will effort on preventing the scarcity of products that occurred
previously when DS versions were first released, the report said. The Nintendo 3DS is intended
to initiate and as long as on sale in the United States and Europe in March and
Nintendo company intentions to sell 4 million units international by the end of
that month, as stated by the report. Furthermore, Nintendo may release the 3DS
in rising markets in Asia and especially in those areas where economies are
growing rapidly in the development and right direction. 

Nintendo 3DS