went on sale after three weeks in South Korea, because the universal
superior dominating legendary Samsung Electronics launched its challenger
tablet computer the Galaxy Tab in its local and surrounding or home market. 

Apple iPad

Customers to Get
Apple iPad: 

was anxiously among One hundred invited preorder customers, to acquire the
popular and fashionable new gadget, the customers had lined up before dawn at a
downtown Seoul branch of wireless operator KT, the exclusive Korean
collaborator for iPhones and iPad. Many customers were waited for a long time
to get an iPad to use for working on the way and study English at home in leisure
time. They all love it this innovative device. KT stated that it had received
50,000 preorders for the iPad since November 17. “We’ve in progress deal
out in nationwide. Customers are receiving their
prerorded iPad at the
moment,” said KT representative Ham Young-Jin. The company former
publicized the admired and popular gadget would begin selling at 218,000 won
(192 dollars) with a two-year contract, increasing to 865,000 won for models
with additional features. 


Electronics, the major opponent of
Apple, has already established and
introduces its seven-inch screen
Galaxy Tab in the United States, Italy, and
endeavor to sell over a million units internationally by the end of this year.
Apple has sold over seven million iPad globally since its appearance in January