with disabilities (PWDs) signify 10% of them in particular and the overall
population in Pakistan.  It is the single
major minority group looking for employment in today’s marketplace. Several
organizations in Europe, Japan, and the US have benefited by recruiting people
with disabilities for many years but unfortunately, because of lack of
awareness, it is not the case in Pakistan. Employers, because of being
deficient in knowledge on disability, don’t think about them appropriate for
the field and office work. On the other hand, social customs confine disabled
people to come out and explore their perspective and potential.

number of Educated Disabled People:

are a few disabled people in Pakistan who are educated but even they too
deprived of their basic rights especially employment opportunities. Because of
this ignorance from the government and private sector adult, disabled people
have been overage and now there is no employment for them. What about them what
a government thinks of their future if the government and private sector will
not provide us suitable employment then what is our future in this country.
There is a special arrangement for disabled people, especially in Europe and the
United States. I extremely request the government of Pakistan to please take a concrete
and serious step for the betterment of all adult disabled people.