Usage of the Internet

The status of the Internet and usage of Internet is like a tool and it depends on the good or bad use of it. However, because of the prevailing use of evil and the abundant supply of opportunities for evil in the present era, it has become a near evil tool. The enemy forces for their ulterior motives use these devices very effectively. 

However, today they are using it as an effective tool to spread the message of truth, Islamic teachings, and the Quran to a much wider circle. Pornography and indecent scenes are common on the Internet. There are even pornographic websites with Islamic names. For example, there are pornographic websites called Principles of Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Islamic Library, or Islamic Box.

Sometimes browsing results in such scenes. That man begins to see the effects of his natural curiosity. Besides, they get used to it. Sometimes the ranks of pornography are hidden in the base of Click Here. Moreover, it seems clear that this is a regular plan.

There have been instances of many people who used the net with good intentions but went into darkness. Because the use of the Internet is dangerous and can lead people astray. Therefore, the use of it should be avoided even further. 


usage of internet


However, if there is a Sharia (Islamic canonical law based on the teachings of the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (Hadith and Sunna, Sunna mean, the traditional portion of Muslim law based on Muhammad’s words or acts, accepted (together with the Quran) requirement that cannot be achieved without its use, or if its purpose is to use it to propagate pure Islam, then the Internet and its other sources can be employed. In this case, however, the following matters must be taken care of. 

Usage of Internet

First: Let us examine our good intentions, that they are essential to Islam and the Sharia. Also, it is impossible to achieve this without the internet.

Second: The work you want to do. Use the net to determine this and disconnect yourself from the net after it is done.

Third: Use the Internet to determine the time. That we will use the net for a long time.

Fourth: Use the Internet with ablution. Because the effects of Wudhu (ablution) cause the effects of Satan to stop. Also, read the Supererogatory prayer.

Fifth: It is forbidden and unlawful (something with which the private parts are covered) to look at the veil of a stranger woman or a man. Similarly, it is forbidden to see it on screen. Because the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) saying, to view the veil of the dead man as equivalent to seeing the veil of the living man.

Looking at the screen also causes more sensation than seeing a dead person. Therefore, it must be taken care of, and special arrangements should be made for the lowering of the eyes owing to modesty or shame.

Sixth: Communal literature is being spread on the Internet. Avoid this content yourself, to avoid mental disturbances. Moreover, refrain from forwarding this content. Avoid sharing or forwarding unverified news information. Besides, consult our Islamic organization for certification. Persons are more likely to be affected by Satan (evils) in isolation.

Therefore should not use the net in isolation and especially at night. It should be tried, that the computer should be used in the lounge or the common room, etc. and that the screen of the computer should be used in the eyes of all. Because the risks are so high on the internet. Thus, it should not be used just for fun and entertaining.

Seventh: Browsing should be avoided for a long time, and only select sites should be visited carefully. Messaging or chatting with women, no matter how good-hearted, is not valid. So it should be avoided. Your comments on Facebook and other activities should not be expressed and discussed.

Because it promotes the emotions of the exhibition. You should keep a critical eye on the Internet usage time so that no time is wasted, and in the browser setting, there is an option to block the automatic expression of images. Using YouTube can prevent these views from being viewed, which can be seen by using this option. Any computer professional can easily find the details of this option. 

Source: Tanzeem-e-Islami.