Cabbage, a fellow of the Cruciferous
family, is associated with kale, broccoli, collards, and Brussels sprouts. 
Cabbage has a round form and is comprised of covered leaf layers. 

There are three leading kinds of
cabbage: green, red and Savoy


The color of green cabbage series
from pale to dark green whereas red cabbage has leaves that are one or the
other crimson or purple with white veins running through. Individually green
and red cabbage have smooth-textured leaves. 

The leaves of Savoy cabbage are additionally
disorganized and yellowish-green in color. and oil enclosed in the seeds of
okra functions as the source of first-rate vegetable protein. It is developed
with amino acids on the similar of tryptophan, cysteine, and extra sulfur
amino acids. 


  • Cabbage holds phytonutrients, works
    to defend the body from free radicals that can harm the cell membranes.
    Phytonutrients signal our genes to raise its production of enzymes contains in
    detoxification as well. 
  • Cabbage possibly will lower the rate
    of cancer, particularly in the lung, stomach and colon prostate. 
  • Cabbage is a muscle creator, which
    can clean the blood, and eye builder. 
    The juice of fresh uncooked cabbage
    has been confirmed to rebuild a stomach ulcer. 
  • Cabbage is rich in iron and sulfur.
    Juice of fresh cabbage is compelling in treating fungus infection(because of its
    sulfur content). 
  • Cabbage can the ability of lower
    serum cholesterol. 
  • Cabbage comprises Sulforaphane, a
    substance that can raise the making of antioxidant and detoxification enzymes.
    Sulforaphane entirety stimulating the production of glutathione, the body’s leading
    internally produced antioxidant which plays a starring role in liver
  • Red Cabbage has extra phytonutrients
    than the green cabbage. The vitamin C content of red cabbage is 6-8 times more
    than that of the green cabbage. 
  • Red cabbage contains anthocyanin
    (red pigment/color) is an antioxidant that can benefit safeguard brain cells, consequently
    can help avert Alzheimer’s disease as well.