a patient arrives in a hospital emergency room as a result of Covid-19, doctors
have little means of predicting what their condition may be in the coming days.

it may be possible to find out through blood tests. This was revealed in a
study conducted in the United States.

Yale University study found that blood tests could identify biomarkers linked
to blood cell motility and obesity, which could predict the severity of the
disease in patients with Covid-19.

tests offer an early indicator of severe COVID-19, a study says. 


Hyung Chun, a researcher involved in the study published in the medical journal
Blood Advances said that these people have higher levels of these biological
signals, they need to be admitted to the ICU, need a ventilator, or have a higher
risk of death.

in the day, research reports had suggested that the code could be used to
identify a potentially serious disease. Demir and immune proteins were

far, however, no test has been developed that can predict the severity of the
disease in cod patients.

this study, researchers screened several proteins in the blood of 100 patients
with Covid to determine the severity of the disease.

samples from all patients were taken on the first day of hospitalization, while
clinical data from more than 3,000 patients treated at the Yale-New Haven
Hospital systems were also analyzed.

discovered that 5 proteins, Resiston, Lipocalin 2, HGF, IL8, and GCSF, are
linked to neutrophils, a type of white blood cell. The level of Covid-19
increases the number of seriously ill people.

of these proteins have been linked to obesity in the past, but this is the
first time they have been linked to Covid or a viral disease.

has shown that these biomarkers increase in patients who do not show symptoms,
but later the disease became more severe.

the rate of these biomarkers is lower in people with mild to severe disease and
none of them have died.

researchers said that this was the first time that the level of protein in the
blood of Covid-19 could be used to predict the severity of the disease.

said that making such a prediction early could be more helpful in treating the

said that if the diagnostic test (of these biomarkers) is done early, it will
be better to realize which person may be suffering from a severe disease so
that it can be taken care of more.

study also emphasized the link between Covid-19 and obesity.

researchers said that the link between obesity and covid is understandable
because both of them cause inflammation in the body which destroys the body.