or COVID-19 and the human body: 

does a coronavirus patient feel, and how does it affect the human body? 


oronavirus or Covid-19 is spreading rapidly around the world. Experts say that successful patients
with this coronavirus are the ones who build up their body’s immune system
within thirty days. Nevertheless, how does it affect the human body when it
enters the body? 

people suffering from the disease do not have the same effect and are
recovering, but some people have died as a result. 

Therefore, the question is
how does this virus affect the body, why are some people being killed as a
result and how is the disease treated? 

coronavirus initially has a dry cough (no mucus) and is probably due to the
anxiety caused by the virus in the cells. 

Coronavirus covid-19


people eventually begin to get thick material such as mucus, which contains
cells that die from the virus. 

Symptoms of coronavirus disease appear within 5 to 12 days. However, it can sometimes take longer. 

the affected patient’s sneezing or coughing drops are added to the air, and if
a nearby non-infected person’s breath enters the infected droplets or the
healthy person touches a spot where these drops have fallen, he or she can use
their hand and accidentally applying its hand to their eyes, mouth or nose, then
the virus will enter and spread into the body. 

it is not automatically grown, it overpowers our cells. The virus sticks to
mucus or saliva in the nose and throat. Then there are the viruses that carry
their proteins that are coming out of its surface. This virus breaks down the
membranes of our body cells and enters the body. 

entering the body, it produces more viruses. In a short time, it produces about
ten thousand to one million more viruses of its kind. The virus then exits the
cells in which it is present and infects it with other cells in the body. 

here, the virus moves to the respiratory tract into the lungs. The situation only
worsens when the virus enters the lungs. There is inflammation in the lungs
called pneumonia. In this case, the affected person should be alone. Moreover, the coronavirus patient should choose a quarantine. 

you have a persistent fever or cough, you stay seven days and your family needs
to be apart for fourteen days. So separate yourself from other people to
prevent it from spreading further. In this case, the delivery of food and
essential medicines should be done at home. However, how do you know the kind
of exhaustion you are feeling? Is it just as exhausting as the exhaustion that
a coronavirus patient feels? 

Coronavirus Symptom’s:

are the symptoms? The two main symptoms of
coronavirus need to be monitored.
Those main symptoms are dry cough and fever. If you have too much sneezing or
runny nose or have a severe headache. Therefore, it does not prove that you
have coronavirus. You may have another type of illness. 

much do you think coronavirus fever will be high? Before I tell you about it.
You must first know what a dry cough is actually. So what is a periodic dry
cough? Therefore, it is a cough that does not contain mucus or fiber. Moreover,
there is nothing such thing as sticky in your tissue or handkerchief. It is not
the same as a normal cough. Moreover, it is not a normal cough that usually
occurs when cleaning the throat or using cigarettes, but rather it is a
persistent cough.

So how high is the Coronavirus fever? In technical terms, the temperature is higher than thirty-seven point eight (37.8 °C) degrees Celsius or above (100 °F) degrees Fahrenheit.

if you do not have a thermometer device you will feel a lot of heat in your
chest in this case. Moreover, if a person touches your body that person will
feel your body warm as well.

you have these underlying symptoms, you need to stay away for two weeks. If you
are alone in this situation then you just have to stay separate. However, if
your condition worsens due to these symptoms, you or your family will need to
inform your local medical team as soon as possible.

Outbreak Modeling 

constantly hear news about 
Outbreaks Modelling on Newspapers or TV channels as
well. What Does Outbreaks Modeling mean? Fundamentally, mathematical knowledge
is used to determine how various factors influence the outbreak. 

model is used to estimate the spread of infection. Through it, scientists
discover how a person with the coronavirus spreads the virus to more and more
people. During one month, an infected person transmits the virus to another 200

prevent further spread of the virus, China took a big step in this matter and
closed almost all its cities. 

question is, how beneficial are these computer models about preventing
outbreaks? They depend on assumptions. For example, if a person is infected
with this coronavirus and shows no symptoms, then how easily can the infected
person spread the virus to as many people as possible.

important question is that, if a person has been an infection caused by this
virus and that infected person becomes recover after treatment, can this person
be infected again by coronavirus?


what should ordinary people do in these critical situations, so my advice in this regard is to take the following useful steps. That is the only way to prevent this virus. With these below useful steps you can protect yourself as well as help protect others from this deadly virus. 

Prevention is better then cure: 

from experts and organizations have called for caution, and there are several
ways to exercise caution, including frequent hand washing, wearing masks, keep
social distance and being confined to a home due to any minor illness.

Now there
is no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

should a normal person do if there is no vaccine and proper treatment? 

1: Wash
your hands repeatedly for 20 seconds with soap. 

2: Cover
your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when you cough or sneeze. 

Use the mask to cover the nose and mouth. 

4: Keep
Social distance. 

5: Do
not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean. 

6: You
should ensure the
lock-down steps by your respective governments. Because it’s
better in your favor. 

7: Volunteering
being imprisoned can only help prevent the virus. That’s the right way.

8: Staying
6 feet away from the affected person can also be safe.

Home, Self-Isolate, Stay Safe, Stay Alive. 

Special Tribute: 

“I extend many tributes to all the workers, doctors and medical staff who dealt with this deadly virus in this most critical situation, In addition, those who have helped prevent this deadly virus from spreading further. In their honor, I offer a salute”.