expensive toothpaste is a waste of money 

A UK dental
hygienist has revealed that we are spending too much money on toothpaste when
toothpaste is not needed anyway to clean teeth and keep gums healthy.
32-year-old Jessica Ann Potter, a resident of Cambridgeshire, has tried to
clear up misconceptions about toothpaste by sharing her thoughts on TikTok. She
has told her followers that kinds of toothpaste don’t clean teeth so don’t
spend a lot of money on them. “I get a lot of patients who say they pay
£7, £8 or even £10 for toothpaste and I ask them why they buy such expensive
toothpaste because almost all toothpastes are the same, so buy the cheapest


You may be
wasting money on expensive toothpaste 

She also gave her
viewers some important tips regarding dental hygiene. Electric toothbrushes can
clean teeth well provided you know how to use them, she said. Flossing and a
brush that can penetrate between the teeth are also needed to clean the
particles, fibers, and debris that are stuck between the teeth. In this way,
plaque and bacteria stuck on and between the teeth can be dislodged. Jessica
said many people want to start and end their day feeling like their teeth are
clean and their breath smells good, but that doesn’t require an expensive
toothpaste formula. She said that we use toothpaste because it contains
fluoride which protects our teeth from damage. 

Why Some Toothpaste
Are A Waste Of Money? 

Due to
fluoride, our teeth are protected from decay and acidic effects. Be sure to
check the information on the back of the container to determine the correct
amount of fluoride. This amount should be 1450 parts per million (PPM). These
numbers can be written together or as two separate numbers 1100 and then 350
can be written. If you add these two, the number will be 1450. This is the
correct amount of fluoride that everyone over the age of 12 needs. She said
that Oral B and Co-Ligate kinds of toothpaste only cost a pound and they also
contain the right amount of fluoride. Jessica, a dental hygienist, said that
when you brush your teeth, just spit out and don’t put water in your mouth at
that time. Do not rinse with water or mouthwash, but leave the toothpaste on.
We want the fluoride to work for 30 minutes. 

followers also shared their experiences on this occasion. One person wrote, “I
am 28 years old. My teeth have never had a worm, nor have they developed any
cracks even though I eat a lot of sweet things. Every time I brush, the
fluoride never washes off immediately. Leave it on the teeth for a while. Maybe
that’s the secret to my healthy teeth. “I’ve never spent more than a pound
on toothpaste,” said another.