ventilation stop COVID spread better than social distancing, research shows

use of face masks in schools, colleges besides universities and good
ventilation systems are more important than social distance to prevent the
spread of covid 19 through the air.

was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States. (Click here for

covid sanitizer mask

from the University of Central Florida has shown that a social distance of 6
feet are not required to prevent the spread of the virus through the air when
the use of a face mask is required.

researchers said the study was important because it guided how to ensure the
safety of students within the confines of educational institutions.

added that the results indicate that the reduction in the spread of the disease
with face masks is no less than the increase in social distance, which shows
the importance of mandatory use of face masks in schools and other places.

For In this research, scientists developed a computer model of a classroom with
students and a teacher and estimated the spread of the virus through the air by
modeling the airflow and the spread of the disease.

researchers analyzed these models in a classroom with adequate ventilation and
poor drainage.

results showed that the use of face masks is useful to avoid airborne

the risk of covid in a well-ventilated room is reduced by 40 to 50 percent
because of the constant flow of air in such rooms. 

researchers said that the use of face masks does not increase the risk of
disease from a social distance of 3 feet and these findings could be applied to
schools and businesses.

added that the use of ventilation systems and face masks are essential for the
spread of the virus.

study was published in the medical journal Physics of Florida.