facing by Journalists and their solutions 

and problems facing journalists and their solutions:

pen is the forerunner of the evolution of human civilization where the pen is
superior due to the knowledge of objects.

person who gets and possesses the wealth of the pen is better than the treasure
of Qarun or (Korah, Wikipedia).

Surah Al-Qalam of the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty swore by the pen.

These letters (Nun, etc) are one of the miracles of the Quran, and none but
Allah (Alone) knows their meanings): Chapter: 68:1, By the pen and by what they
(the angels) write (in the Records of men)].

Almighty has made the pen a means of disseminating knowledge.

the owner of the pen should respect the pen in all circumstances and should not
write anything against the morality and dignity of the pen.

pen is trust and security, it can be broken by the power of oppression, but it
cannot be twisted.

is no denying the role and influence of journalism in shaping public opinion
and this is what draws political, religious, economic, and social groups and
movements to use journalism as propaganda. 


in some cases, certain powerful groups and movements dominate mainstream
journalism and demand arbitrary news, putting journalistic values and
principles set aside.

is known as the fourth pillar of the state in modern times.

is no secret that the more important an institution is, the more
responsibilities it will have, and as a pillar of the state, these
responsibilities increase even more.

the current situation, the journalistic community is facing many problems.

particular, the problems of regional journalists are still unresolved despite
the presence of hundreds of journalistic organizations in many countries.

economic situation is also struggling for basic amenities at home.

It is
a tragedy that instead of solving the problems of regional journalists, the
news organizations look at the journalist as a source of income.

and Regional Journalism:

a regional journalist raises his voice against injustice, oppression, and corruption
in the society through the pen, it is suppressed by various negative tactics,
even violence and murder are not avoided.

economic problems of the journalist can be gauged from the fact that even today
the regional journalist is fighting to improve his economic situation while
performing his journalistic duties.

do not have a divine lamp to correct their economic situation, the rubbing of
which can strengthen their weak economic condition.

measure of a journalist’s ability to represent a regional journalist in a news
organization is simply how much he can help the organization in business and
how much money he can give to the organization as security.

of real journalists, journalism has become dominant. Journalists in the
journalism industry are now forced to work on the payroll of capitalist

face difficulties not only in non-state actors but also in state institutions
while performing their professional duties.

job of journalists is to keep the citizens informed so that they can make
better decisions in their private and social life and I think the constitution
of every state has made access to information a legal right of every citizen.

freedom of expression still seems like a dream. And so far hundreds of
journalists have lost their lives to reach the public.

main reason for this is the unavailability of the proposed rules and
regulations as well as the lack of checks and balances.

is no secret that the major political parties have taken a significant portion
of journalism hostage, which they use for their political purposes, which calls
into question the impartiality of journalism.

main problem facing journalism is national terrorism, in which hundreds of
journalists have been killed so far.

in society expect a journalist to give suggestions for the elimination of
negative activities and to rectify the situation and convey their problems to
the higher authorities.

this society seems incapable of giving the journalist its rightful place.

the big news organizations expect business from the regional journalist instead
of rewarding him, which is why when a regional journalist goes abroad to meet
the demand of media houses, society calls him a blackmailer.

are signs of a big heartbreaking situation.

this regard, there are clear examples of targeted killings of truth-seeking

punishing criminals and groups targeting journalists is a long way off and they
have not even been arrested.

is deeply saddened and scared by this whole situation and is reluctant to be a
part of this important pillar.

are also dangers facing journalists when identifying problems.

of journalists being killed, abducted, tortured, or harassed daily are now
commonplace around the world.

recent times, in journalism, media channels prefer to point out more or less
public issues, but if a journalist gets a report by putting his life in
jeopardy, the institutions do not show any interest in it.

is why such news searches have been rare. Because doing so threatens to kill

the situation in the country, most countries keep the media away from sensitive
issues in the national interest or allow the release of information that is in
the national interest.

various human rights organizations consider this aspect to be negative thinking
against the human rights norms and the state is tantamount to killing the media
at night, but the role of journalism as a pillar of the state should be seen as
a responsibility.

is also a responsibility. International history is replete with events in which
information about events was disseminated to the public in the national
interest to the extent that it was needed, and of course, the countries
concerned succeeded in achieving their set goals and objectives.

countries like the United States, Europe, France, New York, and the United
Kingdom, the freedom of the press is not enjoyed in the countries of the
Eastern world.

Press Freedom Day:

Press Freedom Day began in Namibia in 1991. May 3 is World Press Freedom Day.

purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the importance and usefulness
of freedom of the press and the responsibilities of journalism.

provide awareness of political, religious, and social awareness among the

journalism is the name given to highlighting the basic problems of any area and
making positive efforts to solve them.

educational and political activities at the local level, which are not given
much space by the national newspapers, can be presented to the people by
presenting them in the local newspapers.

journalists also have less access to government and non-government
organizations and are often overlooked in their reporting.

people are more aware of their local problems, they can try to solve them more

‘ active against press freedom in the world:

San Frontier, a global organization working for press freedom, has released a
new list or gallery of 35 presidents, politicians, religious leaders, militias,
and criminal organizations who have killed, imprisoned, or harassed

Donald Trump Behavior:

Surely, You
will surely be aware of the President’s behavior
. How the
press or media covered the last four years of President Donald Trump. Some media
reports are as follows click the links for more details.

1: TheNew York Times, Opinion,

2: SpecialReport,


purpose of journalism, of course, is to highlight public issues, to point out
any wrongdoing in society, and to inform people of the real facts without any
pressure or bias.

and international journalism ‘ solving the problem’ is the need of time.  

government will have to take seriously the issues facing journalism. They will
have to take concrete and practical steps to solve their problems.

such as mishandling of information and blackmailing of parties based on it are
also commonplace in a news organization.

of the main reasons for this is the proliferation of news channels and
newspapers, which distort the facts to increase their business and ratings.

such actions call into question the integrity of the people associated with
this institution.

is a need to formulate and strictly enforce the rules and regulations for
journalism in the style of the rules and regulations prevailing in journalism
in developed countries.

Ministry of Information should act on an urgent basis in this regard, so that
not only the contemporary problems of the journalism student can be solved, but
also he can join this institution of passion.

these important pillars of the state, along with other institutions, could play
a role in the country’s development.

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