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I go to eat with my friends in restaurants, I go through an ordeal – some
people of my age bring food in front of me and if something falls on the table,
they come and clean the table –

I see them cleaning the table, I feel uncomfortable. Have we ever thought of
putting ourselves in their place? And we clear the table in front of them just
like them then how will we feel in our heart.

And with the same way if they call
us with great fear or with the commanding personality and we used to go and
listen to them in a very polite way –

bring food in front of them, and as
they leave after lunch or dinner they give us coins or a few dollars as a charity
in the name of tip…

And after they leave we pick up the
dishes from the table ….. the answer is …..No ….. we can’t even think of
doing that.

Such thinking also makes us tremble.
They are all compelled. The conditions in their home force them to do all this
– we should not terrifyingly order them,

but write the order in a requesting way
and when the waiter puts the food on the table, we must thank him or her, and
the tip should be given at least so much that the tip, itself does not seem to
be charitable.

How much tip should be given to the

is always the issue of how much to tip them when it comes to eating in hotels
or getting any service from anyone.

tipping has become a tradition. But in many Western countries, after eating out
in hotels, there is the problem of how much to tip and not to offend the tip

up to 25% of the price of food is tipped. In some countries, such as the United
States, employees are waiting to receive 25% of the bill at the tip, and if
less is paid, will they be offended?

in many Asian countries, tipping is also considered wrong, and some servants
even interpret it as begging.

research report by the Good Housekeeping Institute, a US-based organization,
has helped tippers and told them how many tips would be appropriate in which

in Australia and New Zealand have a 10 to 15 percent tip, a 20 percent in
Canada, and a 5 to 10 percent tip in Egypt.

is no tradition of a tip in Japan and if you tip the waiter, be prepared for a
fight on his behalf. In the United States, on the other hand, every waiter is
waiting for the maximum tip, and if you do not give a tip, his mood worsens.

France, under a regular law, service charges are included in the bill, but some
locals still get up from the table with a few coins on their plate.

drivers in the United States are also waiting for the tip.

Switzerland, people usually say to round up the bills and leave a tip for the
hotel staff and other workers such as hairdressers.

Switzerland has the highest minimum wage of any country in the world, with
waiters earning up to  4,000dollars a month, and unlike their
American counterparts, they did not have to rely on tips.

some South Asian countries, the tip is not necessary. Although tipping is
considered an expression of appreciation for your good service.

tipping in Singapore’s hotels, restaurants and taxis will not be a crime,
tipping is a complex issue in the country, as official websites state that
tipping is not a way of life on the island.

is common in Egyptian society and is called “forgiveness” in the
local language. Wealthy people in Egypt tip almost all service workers.

range from waiters to petrol station workers. Compensation for services is
welcome in Egypt, as the country’s current unemployment rate is 10 percent.

visiting Iran may have been exposed to the ‘introduction’ ritual. In which
formally refuses to take the money and even travel in a taxi, the driver may
still refuse to take the fare first.

this is not the case with tipping or tipping services, as this is a daily
routine in Iranian life.

Soviet times, the tip was not a concept and had to be ignored, because the tip
was considered an insult to the middle class.

the Russians have a word for a tip, which means “for tea.”

culture returned to Russia in the 2000s, but older people may still find it


this YouTube video, the man tells the waiters that he is not in the mood for
the tip today, but wants to give you a present instead.

guy (BigDawsTv) gives the iPhone 12 Pro to the restaurant waiter. The restaurant
waiter is very happy about this. This kind of behavior is quite good and

other videos, some men give hotel waiters a lot of cash. The restaurant waiters
are quite surprised at this, and tears of joy flow from her eyes. 

the above video, the customer in the restaurant has given about 30,000 dollars
to the waitress.


Where to Leave the Tip

your tip on the hotel or restaurant table in an envelope, or put it with a
thank you note. That way you don’t keep your hotel waiters guessing, and you
know the money gets into the right and deserving hands.

Because they are also human beings,
they also have dignity. Their environments and house conditions compel them to
do so – but the truth is that they are just like us, and there is no difference
between us and them.

If there is a difference, that’s is
wealth and besides this, Allah is testing their patience, and we too Allah Almighty
is giving us the facilities of the world to test how we deal with them.

In this regard, the excerpt from the last sermon of our Last Prophet (Mohammad-PBUH) is an ideal for humanity. Which
is below.

mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a
non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a White has no superiority over
a Black nor a Black has any superiority over a White except by piety and good