every country in the world, journalism and media have to provide the correct
information to people and to keep people informed reporting of events, issues,
and trends. Based on that obligation to pay, the media is the voice of the
common public. It gives media related people recognition. A civilized society
cannot be considered without independent media anywhere in the world. Because
media is an important source to establish a Checks and balances system in
society. The media’s importance is also based on that it exposes the malicious
of powerful class in society. Media is the voice of those who have no voice. 


describes the difficulties and public issues. Moreover, the media has drawn the
attention of concerned authorities to these issues. This is a long debate.
Nevertheless, who are the influential people who intimidate and try to force
the media from time to time? The progression continues in almost every country.
However, to create a good society it is essential to have a free and fearless
media. Every person loves his life. Nothing is precious than human life. Media
persons performing their duties often face difficulties. The reasons for this
are lengthy. Most importantly, the responsibilities of the media are increases
in difficult situations. However, even in such circumstances, they do not receive
adequate protection. As a result, media persons have to work on serious
threats. For this reason, many media workers were killed in the performance of
their duties.

reason for this is because; many media workers have the responsibility to identify
criminals. Journalists are killed during the performance of these duties.
Police and administration should not be overlooked this incident as a routine
target killing. This behavior should be immediately eliminated. Because these
events are associated with such a profession. If the murderer of innocent
journalists not caught. Then Dangerous trend can cause to grow up. This is not
in favor of anyone.

and law enforcement agencies have a responsibility to not only identify the
factors behind this unjust but also give stiff sentences. Besides, make people
aware of the facts as well.