World Health Organization has approved the emergency use of the AstraZeneca

World Health Organization has approved the use of the Covid-19 vaccine,
developed by the University of AstraZeneca / Oxford, for emergency use, to
speed up epidemic control in developing countries. 

AstraZeneca vaccine on children first clinical trial

World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the use of two versions of the
vaccine, developed by South Korea’s SK Bioscience and India’s Serum Institute
of India.

use of the vaccine was formally approved following the recommendation of
experts from the WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group and will be available to all
adults over the age of 18.

World Health Organization’s recommendations differ from those of some European
countries where the vaccine is not recommended for the elderly. 

AstraZeneca vaccine WHO

developing countries have not yet received vaccine doses, while millions of
people in rich countries have been vaccinated.

the other hand, there are growing concerns that new strains of the virus could
affect the effectiveness of vaccines.

use of the AstraZeneca vaccine on a new strain of the coronavirus discovered in
South Africa has had little effect, leading to a ban on the use of the vaccine

of the World Health Organization’s vaccination division, said countries were
excited about the AstraZeneca vaccine, but at the same time, they were asking
relevant questions about what the evidence proves and what doesn’t.

are plausible reasons why we believe this could prevent the seriousness of the
code,” he said.

vaccine was approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the global
vaccine campaign so that it could deliver the vaccines to the participating

vaccine has previously been approved for use in the European Union, the United
Kingdom, Pakistan, India, and a few other countries. 

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