first clinical trial of the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine on

first clinical trial to test the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine in children,
developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca begins in February.

trial of the Chad Ox1NV 19 vaccine will involve 300 children between the ages
of 6 and 17.

trial will show how strong the immune response to the new Coronavirus is in
these children using the vaccine

AstraZeneca vaccine


vaccine is being used in adults in many countries.

Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health in the UK says that Covid-19
reduces the risk of serious illness and death in children.

to the agency, the evidence shows that children are less likely to get serious
illness and death from Covid-19 than adults.

new Oxford University trial will vaccinate 240 children and place 60 in the placebo

The chief
investigator at the Oxford Vaccine Trial, said the majority of children are not
infected with the coronavirus, but it is important to determine the safety and the immune response of the vaccine in children, and some children may benefit from
the vaccine.

said the new trial could be extended to help children understand Coronavirus

Oxford University said more trials would be held after the first trial, but
that the effectiveness of the vaccine in 16- and 17-year-olds would be tested.

Oxford Vaccine Group researcher said that the epidemic of Covid-19 had adverse
effects on children’s education, social development, and emotional health.

why we need to collect data on the immune response and protection of our
vaccine children so that they can be part of vaccination programs shortly,”
he said. 

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