piece of Dead Sea Scrolls jigsaw discovered after 60 years 

Israel bible discovery
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Israeli Archaeological Department, which occupies the Palestinian territories,
has unveiled an ancient Bible discovered in the Judean desert near Jerusalem. 

to Agency France-Press (AFP), the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) of the
Israeli Archaeological Department released the remains of the Bible discovered
on March 16.

believe that the Bible is a 2,000-year-old man from ancient Greece.

discovered Bible is written in Hebrew but also has a translation into Greek,
the most popular and largest language of the time. 

bible Israel discovery
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reports that the Bible was discovered in a historic site in the Judea Desert
near Jerusalem and the West Bank, where the remains of an ancient book had been
discovered in 1950.

of the ancient Bible was discovered at the Cave of Horrors in Judah, where
earlier copies of the oldest book, the Book of the Twelve Young Prophets, were
also discovered.

to the report, an ancient version of the Bible discovered by Israeli
archaeologists were discovered in a strong basket with precious coins of the

of the Bible were found in very poor condition, but experts hope they can be
restored after much effort. 

bible discovery Israeli
image by Reuters’ 

to the Israeli Archaeological Survey, the site had previously discovered something
rare 60 years ago, and this is the first time in half a century that the agency
has discovered the remains of the oldest Bible.

site, where the remains of the Bible were discovered, is close to the Jordan Sea,
including the Dead Sea, and borders the neighboring countries of Jordan and

of the Bible were discovered at the site, which is now under Israeli
administration but is also close to the Israeli-administered West Bank. 

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