how to play WORDLE offline. 

    is an online buzz game that has become very popular in recent months. 
    of people around the world try to figure out a 5 letter word in this game every
    day and a new game is available after midnight. 

    WORLDE-image credited by WIKIPEDIA

    game was purchased by the New York Times in late January and moved to the
    newspaper’s website, where it is still free, but for how long, it’s hard to
    are fears that it could become part of the New York Times payment-based paywall

    you can use it for free forever and just have to download the game. 

    Twitter user explained how WORDLE works on a web browser and technically
    doesn’t even need the internet to play it, as all future words for the game are
    already included on the web page. 

    you want to play this game for free forever, learn that you can download this
    game on your computer or smartphone. 

    to download to computer? 

    1. WORDLE
      is very easy to download whether you use Mac or Windows custom operating system
      or web browser. 
    2. To
      do this, first, go to WORDLE’s official website on a web browser. 
    3. Right-click
      anywhere on the webpage and click Save the Page to Your Computer from the menu
      that appears. 
    4. Clicking
      on this option will bring up Save As and download the World Web Page as an HTML
    5. All
      you have to do is open the downloaded HTML file and you will have access to
      this game offline. 
    6. But
      the previous streaks will be lost as it will start from the first game. 

    to download on Android? 

    1. You
      can also download a webpage on an Android phone or tablet just like a desktop
    2. That
      is, open the WORDLE website on Chrome, then click on the 3 dot menu in the
      upper right corner and select the download icon there. 
    3. At
      the bottom of Chrome will appear a notification that the WORDLE web page has
      been downloaded to your device. 
    4. To
      play WORLD offline go to the 3 dot menu on the browser and click download where
      you will see the WORDLE web page, so if you need a subscription to play this
      game soon can You can play it for free. 

    to download on iOS? 

    1. For
      this, on iPhone or iPad you need to download the Microsoft Edge web browser
      which is available for free on App Store. 
    2. After
      installing it, open WORDLE’s website on the official iPhone browser Safari and
      click the share button. 
    3. Then
      click on Options on the web page URL and select the web archive and select the
      Done button and then click on Save to Files to save to a folder. 
    4. This
      way the WORDLE webpage files will be saved in the app, but you will need
      Microsoft Edge to use it. Safari or Chrome will not work. 
    5. To
      do this, hold down the WORDLE webpage icon to bring up the Quick Actions menu,
      then click on the Share option and select Edge. 

    open Microsoft Edge and the game will open on it as an offline page.