The world’s first SMS sold as NFT for one hundred and
fifty thousand dollars. 

Digital artifacts continue to be sold worldwide as NFT
and now the world’s first SMS has sold for 1.5 million Dollars. Neil Papworth,
a British engineer, sent this message from his computer on December 3, 1992, to
Richard Harrison, then head of Vodafone Company. Merry Christmas was written in
this message. It is now being auctioned off by a famous Paris auction house
(L’lle Agot). 

The winning bidder now owns a digital certificate of authenticity of the world’s first SMS

    Image Credited by: DW.

This Christmas message was received by Richard on his R-Beatle 901 cell
phone. However, the original SMS will be saved on the phone. But a copy, a
communications commission protocol, and a digital frame will also be provided.
In which 3D animation can be seen as animated. An anonymous buyer paid for it
in Ethereum cryptocurrency, as NFTs are bought and sold in cryptocurrency. 

story of SMS is very interesting because they were working on a revolutionary
program of digital messaging, which was to send messages from phone to other
phone or from computer to cell phone. Neil Papworth also sent this message to
Vodafone, which later proved to be a revolution. 

says that in 1992, he had no idea how the SMS would reach what degree, nor did
he have any idea about emoji and 3D animation. 

are NFTs? 

The digital files act as digital signatures to certify who owns online

Creating an NFT is generally done on the Ethereum blockchain network.
Blockchain is a public digital ledger of transactions that are duplicated as
well as distributed across the entire network of computing systems on the