Why Is There a Light in Your Refrigerator, But Not in the Freezer? 


The refrigerator is needed by every home now, but have you ever thought that the bottom part, the refrigerator, has a light but not the freezer? 

Yes, most freezers don’t really have light and you may need a smartphone or mobile phone flashlight to get something out in the dark. 

So what is the reason? The fact is that the refrigerator companies have not given a clear reason for this. 

But according to economist Robert Frank, this is a classic example of a cost-saving principle in which the benefits outweigh the benefits, but continue to apply what is popular. 

According to him, since consumers often use the light in the refrigerator, they value this feature and that is why companies consider the installation of lights in the refrigerator to be better than in the freezer. 

So why consumers don’t consider light in the freezer more important, the most popular explanation is that most of us open the freezer door much less than in the refrigerator. 

And whenever the freezer door is opened, most people stand in front of it for no more than a few minutes. 

Another theory is that putting a light in the freezer is not beneficial because it is more likely to freeze. 

By the way, a self-freezing freezer is also available in the market now, but consumers have become accustomed to not having light in the freezer. 

Since this is part of our routine now, having light in the freezer would be more surprising than not having light. 

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