Summary of Quran Chapter 13 Surah Ar-Ra’d The Thunder

This Surah was also revealed before the migration [migration
of Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH from Makkah to Madinah (in 622 A.C. the year from
which the Muslim era begins)], and its main subject is the affirmation of the
basic beliefs of Islam, Tawheed, Prophethood, and the Hereafter and the answer
to the objections rose against them. At the end of the first surah, i.e. Surah
Yusuf, Allah Almighty had said that there are many signs of the perfect power
of Allah and His Oneness in human beings and on the earth. (And how many a
sign in the heavens and the earth they pass by, while they are averse
thereform. Verse: 12:105

However, the disbelievers have turned away from them
instead of paying attention to them. Now, in this surah, some details of these
signs of the universe have been explained, which are saying that the Almighty,
who has created this mind-boggling system of the universe, does not need any
helper or partner to establish his deity. If considered with justice, every particle
of this universe bears witness to the Oneness of Allah, and also to the fact
that He did not create this whole system without purpose.

is, of course, a purpose to this, and that is that every deed done in this
worldly life should one day be accounted for, and on that day the reward of
good deeds and the punishment of evil deeds should be given. This automatically
proves the belief in the Hereafter. Then, in order to determine good and evil, Allah
Almighty must give clear instructions to the servants. 

The source of these
instructions is the messengers of Allah, who know the commands of Allah through
revelation and convey it to the people of this world. Therefore, it also proves
the belief in Prophethood. Among the signs of the universe, which are mentioned
in this surah, there is also thunder and lightning of clouds, which is
mentioned in verse 31 of this surah (Quran-Chapter: 13;31). In Arabic, thunder
is called “Ra’d”. That is why the name of the surah is Ra’d.