of Qur’an Chapter 22 The Pilgrimage Surah Al-Hajj 

part of this Surah is Madani and some Makki. This means that the revelation of
this surah began in Makkah before the Hijrah, and was completed in Madinah
after the Hijrah (That is, some part of it was revealed in Madinah and some in
Makkah). In the same surah, it is mentioned how the worship of Hajj started in
the time of
Prophet Ibrahim
(peace be upon him), and what are its main members. 

That is why its name is
Surah Hajj (The Pilgrimage). In Makkah, polytheists (infidels of Makkah) subjected
Muslims to all kinds of cruelty, Muslims were advised to be patient there. But
after coming to Madinah, for the first time in this Surah, Muslims were allowed
to wage Jihad against the persecution of the infidels, and it was said that the
infidels have oppressed the Muslims and forced them to leave their homeland and

Now the Muslims can raise the sword against them. In this way, Jihad has
been declared as an act of worship and the good news has been given that not
only will it be rewarded in the hereafter. Rather, Muslims will be blessed with
victory in the world too, God willing. Apart from this, the basic beliefs of
Islam have also been explained. Therefore, the surah begins with the
description of the Hereafter, in which the horrific scene of the Day of
Judgment is presented in a very effective manner.