Summary of Quran Chapter 49, Surah Al-Hujurat, The

The basic themes of this situation are twofold. First,
how Muslims should show reverence for Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him),
and second, the essential principles for maintaining unity and harmony among
Muslims. In this regard, it has been clarified that if differences arise
between two groups of Muslims, what responsibility lies on other Muslims, and
the causes that generally lead to conflicts during interactions, such as making
fun of each other, backbiting, unjustly interfering in the affairs of others,
having suspicion, and so on, have been mentioned. 

surat al-hujurat

It has also been emphasized with clarity that in Islam,
there is no permission for Competitiveness based on family, tribe, language, or
nationality. All humans are equal, and if anyone can have an advantage, it is
only based on their character and piety. In the end, it is stated as a fact
that merely professing Islam through words is not enough to be considered a
Muslim. It is essential to believe wholeheartedly in all the commands of Allah,
the Exalted, and His Messenger Muhammad, (peace be upon him). Without this, the
claim of being a Muslim is not valid. 

term ‘Hujurat’ is the plural form of ‘Hujrah,’ which refers to a room. In the
fourth verse of this Surah, it is prohibited to raise one’s voice from behind
the apartments where the Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him), resided. Hence,
this Surah is named Surah Al-Hujurat.