Summary of Quran Chapter 50, Surah Qaf  

The main theme of this Surah is the proof of the
hereafter. In the beliefs of Islam, the belief in the hereafter holds
fundamental importance. It is this belief that instills a sense of
responsibility in a person’s words and actions. And if this belief takes root
in the heart, it constantly reminds a person that they are accountable before
Allah for all their deeds. Furthermore, this belief plays a significant role in
keeping a person away from sins, crimes, and injustices. 

surat Qaf

Therefore, the Quran has emphasized the remembrance of
the hereafter very strongly, and as a result, the companions of the Prophet
(peace be upon him) were always engaged in thoughts of improving their life in
the hereafter. Now, with the Makki Surahs coming, they are focused more on the
evidence for this belief, the circumstances of the Day of Judgment, and the
portrayal of Paradise and Hell. 

unique feature of Surah Qaf is that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
used to recite it frequently in the Fajr and Jumu’ah prayers. The Surah begins
with the letter ‘Qaf,
ق‘ from
the disjointed letters [These letters (Qaf, etc.) are one of the miracles of
the Qur’an, and none but Allah (Alone) knows their meanings]
, whose meaning
is known only to Allah. The Surah is named after this letter.