Summary of Quran Chapter 41, Surah Fussilat

“They are
explained in detail”. 

This verse is a part of the collection known as
“Hawamim, (The precise meaning of these letters is known only to Allah,
and apart from Him, no one comprehends their exact significance)” and its
introduction dates back to the beginning of Surah Al-Mumin (The Believer). The
articles in this surah, like other Makki surahs, contain evidence of
fundamental Islamic beliefs and refutations of the disbelievers, among other

quran chapter 41 surat fussilat

The verse number 38 of this surah is Ayat As-Sajdah (the
Prostration Verse), meaning that prostration upon its recitation or hearing is
obligatory, which is why it is also referred to as “Surah As-Sajdah.”
It is also known as [“Surah Fussilat (means, They are explained in detail)]”
because this word appears in its first verse. Additionally, it is also referred
to as “Surah al-Masabih” and “Surah al-Aqwāt” in some
contexts. (Tafsir al-Ruh al-Ma’ani).