Summary of Quran Chapter 69 Surah Al-Haqqah (Resurrection), The Inevitable.

This surah Al-Haqqah is of Meccan origin and consists of twenty verses and two units or sections.

The reality that will inevitably occur! (1) What is the reality that will inevitably occur? (3) And what will make you understand what the reality that will inevitably occur is? The communities of Thamud and ‘Aad had denied the very Striking Calamity. (4) As a result, the people of Thamud were destroyed by a calamity unlike any other, more dreadful than usual. (5) And as for the people of ‘Aad, they were struck by a furious, relentless windstorm. (6). 


surah Al-Haqqah


(1) By “reality,” it refers to the Day of Judgment (the Day of Resurrection). According to Arabic idioms, this is an extremely forceful expression used to vividly portray the terrifying aspect of an event. Its full impact cannot be conveyed in another language, but a close verbal translation is given to clarify the meaning. (2) The people of ‘Aad are mentioned in Surah Al-A’raf (7:73). A powerful, thunderous blast destroyed them due to their rejection of Prophet Saleh (peace be upon him), which shattered their hearts (By which the kidneys of those people were torn).