International Students day observes
the anniversary of the 1939 Nazi storming of the University of Prague which finishes
up in the death of 9 students and professors. International Students Day
is commemorating annually on November 17th as an international ceremony of the student

international students day

On the 28th of October 1939‚, a
demonstration in Prague held by students of the Medical Faculty of Charles
University to honor the anniversary of the independence of the Czechoslovak
Republic was intimidated by the Nazi establishments in Czechoslovakia. A
student‚ Jan Opletal was shot during the demonstration and died on November
11th. His funeral procession‚ accompanied by thousands of students‚ turned out
to be an anti-Nazi demonstration. The Nazis had taken the following strong
measures in response to this. 

1: Closing of All Czech higher
education institutions. 

2: Above 1‚200 students were
arrested and sent to concentration camps. 

3: On November 17th‚ nine students
and professors were executed without trial. 

The nine students and professors
executed on that day were Josef Matoušek‚ Jaroslav Klíma‚ Jan Weinert‚ Josef
Adamec‚ Jan Černý‚ Marek Frauwirt‚ Bedřich Koukala‚ Václav Šafránek and
František Skorkovský. London in 1941 that November 17th is first marked by
the International Student’s Council as International Student’s Day. This marked
the initial idea of the founding of the International Union of Students –

International Student’s Day celebrations
motivate students all over the world in their mission for a truly democratic
education and a democratic society. 65 countries established November 17th as
the International Student’s Day. International Students Day signifies the
struggle of students globally. During International Student’s Day‚ students
protest against braking human rights‚ demeaning of freedom of word and religion
and equal education opportunities. Students make use of this as a vision to
demonstrate their understandings as well as act against discrimination.