The Existence of God

we will discuss an important topic which name is
Logical Positivism. Which does
not leave any capacity of as a matter of faith (unseen faith)? In other words,
it doesn’t believe on unseen faith (as a matter of faith). In light of this
philosophy, there is no capacity for beliefs like God, Prophecy and the
Hereafter. Why should we believe in God, Prophet Hood and in the Hereafter? 

, also called logical empiricism, a philosophical movement that arose
in Vienna in the 1920 and was characterized by the view that scientific
knowledge is the only kind of factual knowledge and that all traditional
metaphysical doctrines are to be rejected as meaningless. 

set a rule in this philosophy, which was unrealistic, untrue? The rule is that,
you will acknowledge these things, which you can see, you can touch, you can
feel and you can perceive. Which can be verified through the five senses? They
(Vienna Circle) had called such rule as “the principle of verifiability”. 

that philosophy they said that, we can find out that this thing is exists or
not, it is verifiable or not. If a thing’s exist in such case, it is verifiable
and what we cannot confirm if which is not verifiable. Now it means that
whatever comes in a physical domain, which we could feel through our five,
senses, or which is metaphysical thing. It is out of our scope of discussion. 

this is not a philosophy but a reaction. Earlier, philosophers have had said
such imaginary and logical things in the past. When such types of imaginary and
logical conceptions gradually arrive in the twentieth century then People
realized that now you should discuss about those things, which we can feel
through our five senses. 

In addition, which can be present in front of us and
we can talk about them. The world that is beyond our hands, it is beyond our
point of view and conceptual discussion about it actually it does not have any

it was a clear thing to say, but its consequences came out very dangerous.
Because the real truths in this world are that which are far from our eyes. For
example, take our body system our heartbeats in the body, lungs cleans blood in
this way every organ in the body is working. It is not possible for me to see
all function of thee organs in the body. Because its control is based on the
metaphysical principle. 

If I cut myself out of control, so I cannot run this
system. For instance if I ask a question that can you see things like book, pen
table, chair, sky, earth and glasses etc. Therefore, your answer will be
Moreover, if ask another question that do you see God, Day of Judgment and
hereafter etc. 

Therefore, your answer will be No. its reason is that because
they are Metaphysical terms. However, you should consider whether you see the
mind. Can you locate your mind? That is why this philosophy (local positivism)
is based on the wrong ideas. 

we start testing the God, Prophecy, Day of Judgment and hereafter (To this true
righteousness) based on the principles of this philosophy. Its results will be
wrong because our five senses are helpful in our knowledge. Nevertheless, it is
not an extreme or limit of our knowledge. 

If you called, fixed or declared the
five senses to everything so its example would be like this, Once upon a time,
there lived six blind men in a village. One day the villagers told them,
“Hey, there is an elephant in the village today.” They had no idea
what an elephant is. They decided, “Even though we would not be able to
see it, let us go and feel it anyway.” All of them went where the elephant
was. Every one of them touched the elephant. 
  • Hey,
    the elephant is a pillar, said the first man who touched his leg. 
  • Oh,
    no! It is like a rope, said the second man who touched the tail. 
  • Oh,
    no! It is like a thick branch of a tree, said the third man who touched the
    trunk of the elephant. 
  • It
    is like a big hand fan said the fourth man who touched the ear of the elephant. 
  • It
    is like a huge wall, said the fifth man who touched the belly of the elephant. 
  • It
    is like a solid pipe,” Said the sixth man who touched the tusk of the

is why our five senses are limited. Human is also a victim of error, illusion
and hallucination as well. One thing does not exist but that would have been
visible. If you go to the desert you will see water, but actually, it does not
have water. 

We called this a Mirage, illusion. In seeing, the sun and the moon
appear to be two small pieces but actually, they are the huge world and great
realities. Nevertheless, our five senses cannot evaluate their reality and
expansion or dimension. For this, he needs practical research, which can be
touching the Metaphysical realities. 

This point bases this philosophy on false
principles. If any person thinks that if God really exists he must be somewhere
in, this world, for example in the sky, somewhere in the galaxy there will be
some place or location of God. The answer is that, where is your mind, can you
locate your mind. 

If not then how will you find the place or location of God?
Then can you find and locate the mind of the entire universe? You cannot locate
your mind in your own body how can you locate the mind of this huge universe? 

we will look at God with our own eyes, then we will believe. You want to
determine the location and place of God and Want to decide and fix his direction.
He will be existing in any corner of the universe. The universe is his

God is the Creator of the universe. Allah Almighty is the Greatest.
It is a very foolish way to find God’s location. You think and understand that
this philosophy of Logical Positivism is a thought of today’s smart people. A
few people of Moses’s nation also asked this question six thousand years ago. 

(4:153) The People of the Book now ask of you to have a Book come down on them
from heaven; indeed they asked of Moses even greater things than this, for they
said: ‘Make us see Allah with our own eyes’ – whereupon the thunderbolt
suddenly smote them for their wickedness. Then they took to worshiping the calf
after clear signs had come to them. Still, we forgave them, and conferred a
manifest commandment upon Moses. 

people ask such questions. Whose IQ level is of logical positivism? Which do not
know the principles of the Metaphysical? The People whose levels are not fit to
understand Metaphysical term. Those people ask such unwise questions. On this occasion,
you will understand that the blow of unseen faith (as a matter of faith) is
falls on philosophy of logical positivism. 

I am expressing prejudice, because faith is the believe on unseen. In addition,
unseen is something that is not visible. Unseen Faith (as a matter of faith) is
not an unbelievable thing. Nevertheless, it is our daily routine of life. We
believe in the unseen faith (as a matter of faith) in 95% of our lives. 

example, you go to a lawyer regarding your case. He tells you that the case
will be prepared in this way. You do follow all the instructions on your
lawyer. That is because you believe in the lawyer’s instructions, is it not believes
in the unseen. Take another example in this regard, when you are ill. The
doctor gives you a prescription after your diagnosis. 

You will use these
medicines in this way. What do you know that what type of medicine are there in
this prescription? What percentage of poison exists in medicine? Because of
excessive use of medicines, it will prove to be poisonous for you. Poison
because of this reason. 

can also die due to this negligence. That is why you blindly follow the
instructions of doctor. Because you believe this doctor is my well-wisher, is
it not an unseen faith (as a matter of faith). The reason is that he is
knowledgeable, because you have confidence in its knowledge. That is why
according to this ratio you have to use those medicines. People are also
preparing medicines from snakes and scorpion poison. 

Moreover, the doctor
instructs you to use the specific ratio of that medicine as needed as well.
According to the study Scorpion, poison is used for the treatment of Heart
diseases (especially in heart attack) and Snakes venom is used for Cancer
treatment. That is why you use this poison as an antidote. Now if the doctor
gives you a slight alcohol, you might have a trusted doctor. 

These are all
related to unseen faith (as a matter of faith). You heard News from Radio that
this incident has occurred in such a place. You did not see that accident with
your own eyes without seeing you believe in that news it is not your view but
actually news. It is called an unseen faith (as a matter of faith). 

that a delegation consisting of approximately twenty men visits Japan. All
these delegates have a verified passport, air tickets and also have a visa of
Japan. On the return of all these delegation, one person should say that I do
not believe this delegation has visited Japan. This man does not belong to
twenty men of that delegation. 

Moreover, the person should claim that Japan
does not exist because I did not see Japan. So just because of his saying, will
Japan not exist? Just because he did not see Japan. If this person passes
Japan’s visa on a passport and buy a plane ticket and arrives at Japan’s
airport so he will see Japan. Thus, millions of God’s Prophets came to the

A Prophet came a thousand years ago so the second Prophet two thousand
years later. The third one came four thousand years ago so the forth one six
thousand years later. One Prophet came one thousand miles here, so the second
Prophet came two thousand miles another place. . In addition, one interesting is
that there is no connection among all these messengers. 

However, all the
Prophets have confirmed the same claim. We have a contact with Allah (God)
Almighty. God’s message comes to us every day and the message comes for you as
well. God Almighty talks with us. So will such a number of people give
disinformation? Submit to Islam for Peace! 

Hadith: Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal in his Musnad has mentioned a Hadith (no.
21257) that Allah sent 124, 000 Prophets (Anbiya’) and from among them 315 were
the Messengers (rusul). It seems that based on this Hadith, we have this number
circulated in Islamic literature. However, there is no list of names of all the
Prophets and Messengers available. Allah knows best who they were and when or
where they lived. We only know this much that wherever there exist any concept
of tawhid, truth, justice, righteousness and virtue, it must have come from
Allah through His noble Prophets and Messengers. Also wherever there is any
concept of shirk, evil, injustice and corruption, it must be from Shaitan and
his suggestions in human mind. 

we sent our messengers in succession. Every time there came to a nation its
messenger, they denied him, so we made them follow one another [to
destruction], and we made them narrations. So away with a people who do not
believe. Quran: Chapter 23, Verse 44.