is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada, celebrating last
year’s harvest and other blessings. Thanksgiving in the United States is observing
on the fourth Thursday of November. In Canada, it is celebrated about a month
and a half ago (the second Monday in October). Thanksgiving, on the other hand,
is deeply rooted in the religious tradition, which is now celebrated primarily
as a secular holiday. 



the United States, the national holiday “Thanksgiving Day” is
celebrated every year. The festival was first held in Playmont, St. Augustine,
El Paso. When the 150th Independence Day was celebrated in the United States.
On July 1, the “Declaration of Independence” began to be celebrated
in Galesburg on the last or fourth Thursday of November. Italians, Chinese,
Lebanese Christians, and Jews celebrated the festival with great enthusiasm.
Which later gained popularity in the American colonies as well. The status of
this festival and holiday is now limited to food, holidays, and entertainment
rather than a mythical story.

is a cultural and secular festival. It is also called the “Puritans”
festival. US Presidents George Washington, Adam, and Monroe celebrated the
festival with great pomp. President Abraham Lincoln first officially declared
“Thanksgiving Day” as a national holiday on November 28, 1861, but
President Franklin Roosevelt passed a law in Congress requiring
“Thanksgiving Day” in the United States. The November holiday should
be celebrated on Thursday.

celebration: Traditional American Thanksgiving:

Friday, the second day of Thanksgiving, it is Black Day and Christmas shopping
begins. Every shop has a “Sale”. At night, people leave their homes
to go shopping. Every day people watch American football.