New Year, New Hopes:

The new year is once again stepping into our lives with new
hopes. Did the promises you made for the year 2021 come true? How was the year 2021
in your life?

What promise have you made for the new year?

How do you celebrate the New Year?

What are your expectations for the year 2022?

On arrival for the New Year, I congratulate my fellow
citizen and all nationalities of the world.

We must reckon with ourselves, what good our soul has earned
in the past year and what it has lost by falling into evil, we must also
prepare our spiritual budget. Just as the budget for each new year is prepared
in business and financial matters, so at the beginning of the new year we must
prepare our spiritual and practical budget as well.

From the day that Allah created the heavens and the earth,
the total number of months in the Book of Allah Almighty (GOD) is 12, and 4 of
them are sacred.

First of all, Allah Almighty has completed another year of
our life. In other words, our total age has decreased by one year, so we should
be happy as well as worried that our age balance is decreasing.

Taking the opportunity of the beginning of the new year as a
blessing, one should ask for these prayers:

New Year Messages and Prayers:

O, Allah (GOD)! Make this New Year individual, collective
happiness, international and national happiness for us.

O, Allah (GOD)! Solve our tangled complex individual,
collective and national, and global issues.

O Allah (GOD)! Give us health and well-being and happiness.

O Allah (GOD)! In this new year, we are blessed with more
good deeds and virtues than in the past.

People celebrate the arrival of the new year as a
celebration. It is an opportunity to say goodbye to one year and welcome

New Year Eve:

People all over the world have expressed their happiness
over the arrival of the New Year as in Pakistan. At midnight in Pakistan, the
people slogan loudly.

The year 2021 has been to an end nearly and the new year
stands on the threshold with the whole atmosphere. For nations, this day is not
only a review of the past year but also an opportunity to set new goals and
plan for them.

New Year Eve Events:

On this occasion, spectacular fireworks are also displayed
in different countries. The sky glows with fireworks. A large number of people
welcome the new year and congratulate each other and express good wishes. 

new year 2022

Citizens are excited to welcome the new year. Pakistanis are
also preparing to welcome the new year. A large number of citizens arrive at
Sea View to watch the last sunset of 2021.

The young adventurers head out to the sea to celebrate the
New Year together in caravans, and throw bhangras (local dances), and
have a lot of fun and applause. Motorcycles and cars from all over the city
reach Sea View, and there is a spectacular fireworks display on Sea View.

What is New Year’s Eve History New year Eve:

New Year’s Eve is the last night of the year. It is
celebrated on the night of December 31, the last day of the year according to
the Gregorian calendar, the current calendar which changed the Julian calendar
to 1582.

New Year’s Eve is a celebration that is celebrated almost
everywhere in the world, and it starts from New Year’s Eve to early January

There is a tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve with a
family dinner, tasting traditional dishes of each country or region, waiting
for the arrival of New Year, which is usually received by counting in the last
ten seconds and by its sound. “Happy New Year!” 


Usually, once the New Year enters, Twelve grape-eating
rituals are performed, and then some start fireworks, play with pyrotechnics,
or just go dancing to the dancing places. Many rituals are performed on this
date with superstition, which is beneficial to them so that next year is
favorable for us in every aspect. Thus some wear red dresses to attract love or
wear a yellow dress to attract luck and prosperity in financial matters.

Some go out with suitcases, believing that this process will
help them to travel during the new year. On New Year’s Eve, do you plan to
stand in the cold with 1 million people in Times Square? ”

Burning tradition, on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve is a very old tradition in Latin America. It
involves setting fire to old clothes, cardboard, paper, or other fast-burning
types, such as a doll or stick made of straw or sawdust. These sticky figures
represent the year that is coming to an end so that we can say goodbye to this
year’s and greet the New Year’s.

Twelve grapes on New Year’s Eve:

The tradition of eating twelve grapes to celebrate the New
Year begins in Spain and is found in virtually all of Latin America. It
consists of eating twelve grapes at midnight, one for each bell, or one grape
for each month of the new year.

Exciting and Interesting New Year’s Eve Rituals:

New Year’s Eve around the world where people set new goals
and plans. There are also countries around the world where New Year’s Eve
rituals are performed. However, interestingly, these rituals are also performed
in developed countries. 


The New Year is also known as the “Spring
Festival” in China according to the solar and lunar calendars. As the New
Year begins, special events are held in China that begin abruptly in late
January and mid-February. As soon as special events begin, Chinese people
arrange to clean the walls of their homes, but throw the accumulated dust out,
especially through the back door.


As soon as the new year begins, people go out of their
houses in the middle of the night and burn a puppet. The aim is to get rid of
the bitter memories of the old year and get rid of the troubles in the new

Latin America

In many Latin American countries, people leave empty suitcases
in the corner of the house at night as the New Year approaches. Some people
even carry empty suitcases around the house. The aim is to provide the best
opportunities for sustenance and travel in the new year.


In Spain and Latin America, grapefruit eating begins on the
night of December 31st, and as soon as the date of January 1st begins. This
work is terminated. People who do this believe that doing so helps them get
food all year round.


As the new year begins, the virgins sit in a circle in a
field with a corn kernel in front of it, then a rooster is left in the middle
of it, and the girl in front of it chews the corn. In the New Year, the bride
is greeted in advance.


As the New Year begins in Denmark, people break their
household plates and throw them at a neighbor’s house. This work involves the
consent of both neighbors. The purpose of this process is to avoid problems
throughout the year.


In Romania, the bear dance is performed anytime between
Christmas and New Year. The goal is to stay safe throughout the year.

South Africa

As the New Year approaches in South Africa, people throw old
furniture out of their windows. This is especially true of families living in
high-rise buildings in Johannesburg. As a result, hundreds of people are
injured every year on the occasion of New Year and every year the police and
aid agencies have to be called.


In Brazil, white flowers are dropped into the sea on New
Year’s Eve. The purpose is to present a New Year’s gift to the fictional
goddess “Yamanja”. Those who do so believe that remembering the
goddess on the New Year does not cause problems and troubles throughout the


Preparations in Dubai to celebrate the new year. The United
Arab Emirates keeps a reputation around the world regarding the celebration of
the new year, that is why Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah come to the crowds of
tourists on the arrival of the new year. Where all hotels are booked in advance
and are a beautiful demonstration of fireworks on high buildings. Especially on
Burj Khalifa, the tallest building tower in the world.

Where every color and race from around the world and every
language speaking person is present and it seems that the world has come to a

It will not be wrong to say the cities like Abu Dhabi,
Dubai, and Sharjah decorated with music, lights, and fireworks are the Middle
East’s Paris.

New Year’s Eve in America:

New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular days of the year
about welcoming, goodbye last year, and welcoming the new year. And each of the
big cities of America makes a little time different difference. From the center
of Times Square on the streets of Big Easy, celebrates New Year’s Eve in the
United States. New York City, America is the most famous place to spend new
year’s Eve. There are many ways to spend new year’s evening in New York, even
if you do not stand between Times Square.

New Year Greetings:

New Year Cards are the most widespread option
for all to wish to their nearest and dearest across miles or cities. You can
proceed and offer them a Happy New Year greetings together with a sorry. Send
greetings on social media or WhatsApp these are the methods of expressing New
Year Greetings, which contains people’s wishes of giving birth to a superb
start at the very start of the year.

Happy New Year In Different Languages

Languages Country
نیا سال مبارک ہو Pakistan
سنه جديده سعيده Arabic
سال نو مبارک Persian Iran
新年快乐 Chinese
새해 복 많이 받으세요 Korean
An Nou Fericit Romanian
Feliz Año Nuevo Spanish
Frohes Neues Jahr Germany
С Новым Годом Russian
Yeni Yılın Kutlu Olsun Turkish
Gelukkige Nuwe Jaar Africans
З Новым годам Belarusian
Bonne année French

नववर्ष की शुभकामना

Bonne année French
สวัสดีปีใหม่ Thailand
نوی کال مو مبارک شه Afghanistan Pashto