Day For Tolerance:

is an attribute by which a person emerges with the impression of a prominent
and high personality. The presence of these qualities in human beings plays a
fundamental role in the formation of strong nations.


international tolerance day


in simple terms means to tolerate people you dislike on physical, linguistic,
religious, and political grounds. Despite the efforts of the United Nations,
unfortunately, we see that our society is running out of tolerance. The last
few years have seen a dramatic increase in intolerance of attitudes around the


causes are lies, injustice, thievery, favoritism, inflation, unemployment, and
so on. Violent programs and movies broadcast on the media are harming adults
and children. Its negative effects are being felt in society and people are
feeling insecure.

majority of people all over the world have reached the level of intolerance,
that people have become mentally ill.

is the International Day for Tolerance and Patience around the world, including
Pakistan. The purpose of this is to make people aware of the negative effects
of tolerance, patience, respect, and intolerance in mutual relations. 

United Nations: 

day, recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization (UNESCO), was approved by the General Assembly on November 16,
1996, and was first observed in 2005.

and Patience Conferences and Festivals are held every year around the world,
the main purpose of which is to highlight the importance of respecting each
other’s beliefs and opinions.

purpose of celebrating this day is to revive the power of patience in the
people and to eradicate patriarchal hatred.


should also change our lives, if someone makes a mistake and he sincerely
admits it and apologizes, then we should not only forgive him but also praise
and imitate him.

society is like a bouquet, just as flowers of different colors in a bouquet are
the cause of beauty. In the same way, human society is made up of people with
different ideas, different religions, and different races, and this diversity
is what makes it beautiful. 

Therefore, moderation, tolerance, forbearance,
forgiveness, and broad-mindedness are the virtues that make a society a cradle
of peace and order, and thus a virtuous society is formed.