Philosophy Day:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has
observed World Philosophy Day on the third Thursday of November every year
since 2002. This time the day is being celebrated on November 19. 

world philosophy day

Philosophy Day actually invites reflection, about the world, and oneself. A
United Nations resolution states that philosophy encourages critical and free
thought and can promote tolerance and peace in order to build a better world.

German comedian Helge Schneider repeats the most important questions of life
and philosophy, namely, who we are, where our existence came from, and where we
will go.

estimate that humans have been searching for answers to these questions for some
4,000 years. Even in modern times, besides the common people, experts,
researchers, and professors of various sciences are engaged in searching for
answers to questions. It seems that these difficult questions, at least to some
extent, have always troubled conscious human beings, what is life, what is the
reality of our existence, and what is going to happen after the end of this

Zell, a professor at the University of Frankfurt, said: “Philosophy is the
name of thinking about one’s existence and the world. Without it, people living
in a particular culture or historical situation cannot move forward or move
forward well. ”

around the world, through their books and articles, encourage people to think
about the world and their caste and not to live a superficial life.


walk on the occasion of World Philosophy Day:

large number of students participated. Participants held placards and banners
to highlight the importance of philosophy.