Christmas Holidays December 25: 

The Christian community around the world celebrates 25 December as the birthday of Jesus (PBUH) with great enthusiasm and traditional fervor and it is hard to imagine that Christmas would be celebrated on any other day apart from this date. 

Christmas History: The Beginning and Present Status of Christmas

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What is Christmas and why it is celebrated? 

Christmas is made up of two words Christ and Mass. Christ calls Jesus (PBUH) and Mas means gathering. The gathering, that is, the gathering for Christ, the Christian gathering, or the birth of Christ (peace be upon him). The word was found around the 4th century, before which the word was used. Christmas is remembered by different names in different parts of the world. 

Wikipedia says that the birth of Christ or the big day. Also known as Christmas which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (Islamic name: Jesus). In Christianity it is the second of the two most important festivals of the year, the most important festival is called Easter. Christmas is usually celebrated annually on December 25. However, scholars have confirmed that this is not the actual birthday of Jesus. 

Christmas Eve: 

Christmas Eve is called the day before Christmas. What does the word “Christmas Eve” mean? The meaning of this word comes from the name of dish osob. It gets stuck in the water-dried fruit. According to other sources, it was prepared from coarse grains. 

Sometimes the dish meant ham cake. Before Christmas, it is important to observe the fast-paced, which lasts until the first star. On the eve of Christmas, the table was set with only the first star rising. It is customary to cover the snow-white medallion on the table, insert 12 pots and decorate the house with grass. 

To move the lamp in the pictures before eating, it is necessary to put candles and recite dua. The main vessel is considered the hut, Alzor. Today, all 12 dishes are fully cooked, but both must be prepared by each host. You have to cook. Most importantly, these days the whole family gathers at the common table and one of the most important holidays of the year is celebrated. 

Christmas Tree: 

A Brief Introduction to the Christmas Tree 

Every year, as of November and December approach, signs of the arrival of Christmas begin to appear everywhere. One of the most prominent of these is the Christmas tree, which can be seen not only in markets, shops, schools, homes but everywhere before the advent of Christmas. Here we know how the Christmas tree originated. 

History of the Christmas tree: 

A Christmas tree with colorful golden bulbs has traditionally been used for thousands of years to celebrate the winter festival (Pentecost and Christianity). The Pentecost used these branches to decorate their homes during the coming of winter, as they used to think about the coming of spring. History shows that for the first time the Romans used Pharaoh’s trees to decorate their churches in the feast of Saturnalia. Christians see this as a sign of eternal life with God. 

No one can say for sure that Pharaoh’s trees were first used as Christmas trees. The series probably dates back to about 1000 years ago in Northern Europe when many early Christmas trees were hung from the ceiling using chains. In many parts of Northern Europe, there are references to the use of cherry or hawthorn plants for the early Christmas tree. (Or a branch of a plant) that they put in pots and they expected flowers at Christmas time. 

If they are not able to plant a real plant, people build wooden pyramids and decorate them to look like a tree decorated with paper, apples, and candles. Sometimes this scene is also shown in houses. The trees of the wooden pyramids may have been like the trees of paradise. This is what they thought and believed. 

In 1521, a picture was found from Germany which tells its history, which refers to the decoration of a tree with a man on horseback behind it. The man can be identified by his Christian dress, which appears to represent St. Nicholas. 

There is another record of a small tree in Germany, dating to 1570. It is described as a tree decorated with apples, nuts, dates, and paper flowers. It was presented in a guide house (a meeting place for the businessmen’s society in the city). 

Another story suggests that St. Boniface of Creedton (Devon, a village in Britain) left England and traveled to Germany to preach to pagan German rebels and convert them to Christianity. That is, they saw a young boy in an individual group worshiping an alien tree for sacrifice. Similarly, in many other traditions, there are examples of decorating a tree. 

The miraculous birth of Jesus (PBUH) is mentioned in the Qur’an. 

Allah Almighty (GOD) purified Hazrat Maryam (peace be upon her) and made her His chosen one. He chose them from among the women and gave them the glad tidings of Jesus (PBUH), who was to become the next messenger and leader of the Children of Israel. (Quran chapter:3:45). 

Allah Almighty (God) created Jesus (PBUH) without a father by His perfect power, just as He created Adam (PBUH) without parents. Allah has described this amazing event in detail in Surah Maryam of the Qur’an. (Quran Chapter:19:16-37). 

Hazrat Esa’s (JESUS, PBUH) miraculous birth is also mentioned in another place in the Holy Book Quran (Chapter:66:12). 

In refuting the slander and blasphemous beliefs of Christians and Jews, Allah Almighty said that the glory of Allah is not worthy of having children. [Read and see Quran Chapter:19:34-35)]. 

Denying the Doctrine Trinity: 

In refuting the doctrine of the Trinity, Allah states in the Qur’an: (Chapter:19:88-95)

Gospel statements of Jesus (PBUH): 

It is a pity that in the present Gospel the mission of Jesus (PBUH) is not described in the same way as it is presented in the Qur’an, however, in the form of scattered allusions we find the basic points within it, e.g. The fact that Christ believed in the worship of God alone is clear from his instructions: 

“So worship the Lord your God and worship only Him” (Matthew 4: 10)

And not only that, they were convinced; Rather, all their efforts aimed to obey God’s law on earth in the same way that His creation is being obeyed in heaven. 

“Thy kingdom comes, Thy will be done in heaven, as it is in the earth.” (Matthew 6:10). 

In the same way, it is clear from his many sayings that Jesus (PBUH) presented himself as a prophet and representative of the heavenly kingdom and as such invited people to his obedience. 

What does Christmas mean to me? 

Christmas means spending more time with our loving family, showing gratitude and loving, sharing and making people pleased, and remembering the birth of the Messenger of Allah Almighty (GOD), Jesus Christ (PBUH). These are the general meanings of Christmas to many people. 

Christmas Dress: 

Usually, the red dress on Christmas Eve is really amazing. People like to wear this red dress on Christmas day. People like to wear fishtail dresses in autumn and winter on the happy occasion of Christmas. For example Big red sweater skirt in winter. 

Christmas Festival, Food, Books, and Cards: 

In 1843, the famous English writer Charles Dickens wrote a book called “Christmas Carol” which became very popular. However, December 25 appeared in the form of an important festival around the world. 

The festival brings with it joys, but it also has commercial benefits. Children’s books were published. Christmas trees began to be sold everywhere. The market was filled with gifts. Then came the Christmas cards. From the middle of the 19th century, the rich and powerful people of the society started sending short Christmas greetings to their friends by framing them. 

In 1862, a company called Charles Goodall made low-cost cards on plain paper, which became very popular. Gradually, fine paper and beautifully designed cards began to be made and sold. Months ago, a separate department was set up at the post office to send Christmas cards to other countries. Large numbers of Christmas cards graced the markets in the early twentieth century, and in 1992 more than 1.5 billion cards were mailed. 

Christmas Food: 

A series of traditional Christmas dishes began. If the evening of December 24 was spent in churches, then on the morning of the 25th at a banquet of friends. Traditional Christmas feasts are different in different parts of the world. But one thing is the same in every country and everywhere and that is the Christmas cake. 

Cakes have become a tradition in England. In the early days, people used to eat Aloo Bukhara porridge on December 25, in which dried fruits and honey were added soon after and the porridge took the form of pudding. 

Wheat flour was used in place of porridge in the 16th century. Eggs, butter, and sugar were added and instead of pudding, the plum cake came into being which later became known as Christmas cake. 

Today the bazaar is abuzz with Christmas cards, Christmas carol CDs, and Christmas cakes, and thus the celebration of Jesus Christ is celebrated with great fanfare. 

Adult banquet on one side and children’s party on the other. Anxiously awaits Santa Claus, who suddenly appears from nowhere with gift boxes and wishes ‘Merry Christmas’. And Father Christmas is leaving, saying that next year will fulfill your wishes. 

Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25? 

However, did you know those 3 centuries after the birth of Jesus, the Christian community chose December 25 to celebrate this festival? 

But, why? However, No one knows the authentic birthday of Jesus (PBUH). 

According to the article, there is no clear date of Jesus’ birth in the Gospels and some Christian scholars have said that the reference to sheep in the birth certificate indicates. That Jesus (PBUH) was probably born in the spring, not in the winter. 

So how was December 25 chosen

In fact, this history came from the Roman Catholic historian Sextus Julius Africanus. He presented the date in 221 AD as the birthday of Jesus. In addition, Christian leaders initially considered birthday celebrations to be a pagan (atheist) tradition, but they were not ready to adopt them. 

In the third century, the Roman Empire did not convert to Christianity, and they celebrated their god’s birthday on December 25, and a popular Roman festival was held. It was a holiday at the time.
So Christian religious leaders at the time wanted to provide an alternative to this pagan (atheist, irreligious) celebration. 

In 336 AD, the Roman Church officially began celebrating Jesus’ birthday on December 25. This was the time when the Roman emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. This was not widely accepted at the time, but in the 9th century, Christmas became a major holiday. 

Christmas activities: 

Around the world, Christmas begins one month before the arrival, and Christians light a candle in their homes and churches every Sunday, four weeks before Christmas, and Christmas is celebrated after the fourth candle is lit. This year, as every year, all the churches have been beautifully decorated with Christmas trees in preparation for Christmas. On this auspicious occasion of Christmas, Santa Claus also distributes toys and other gifts to the children. Christians also call this day a big day or a big feast. 

Christmas message 

Christmas brings joy not only to Christians but also to people of all faiths. Christians and non-Christians alike take part in the celebration of the birth of Christ (son of Mary) and celebrate this festival without any prejudice or prejudice. 

Christmas Message My prayer is that God Almighty bestows upon us this blessed occasion of Christmas, the miraculous birth of the Son of Mary, to bless us with His spiritual blessings, virtues, and blessings, to forgive our sins. May God help us to live in love with each other? Ameen. 

Congratulations to all the people of the world on the birth of the Prophet Jesus (The Messenger of Allah Almighty). 

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