Women’s Day 2020

International women's day thementernational
Women’s Day is being celebrated in all countries of the world including
Pakistan and is going to be held on March 8 in different cities of Pakistan. International Women’s Day is being held in different cities of Pakistan where thousands of
people have participated enthusiastically and demanded to end the problems of
women in society. The women also demanded the government and political parties
that include women in decision-making and ensure their safety. 

Women’s Day Celebration: 

International Women’s Day has been celebrating since 1990 for the protection of women and
their rights. In the twenty-eight years, we have seen that the incidence of
violence has increased rather than decreased. 70 to 90% of women are physically
or mentally abused. 

International women's day

Islam Offers Rights of Women’s: 

this occasion, the religion of Islam asserts the rights of women, treating them
with good manners and 
respectable behaviors, so that all matters of life can run
smoothly. Our Islamic and moral values ​​are different from Western values.
Western values ​​are the precursors of nudity and dishonesty. Avoiding them and
maintaining the sanctity of the sheet and the four walls is the woman’s primary
responsibility. Moreover, that responsibility is a woman’s dignity. Because the
religion Islam has honored by removing the woman from the lowness, inferiority or

preservation of this dignity is essential for both men and women, to take care
of it. Islam gave the most human rights to a woman. The last Prophet Mohammad
told his father that the existence of a daughter was not a cause for her, but a
source of access to paradise. For the husband, it is said that the best person
is the one who deals kindly with his wife. The son told that his mother
deserved the best treatment after God and the Prophet. Moreover, heaven is
beneath the feet of the mother. Along with the moral directive, he also
inherited the woman’s inheritance, both in law and in public. If we adhere to
the Islamic teachings and respect the human rights of women, then a balanced
home and society can be laid. 

Rights in the Light of Quran and Sunnah: 

at the time of ignorance there were no significant rights for a woman in the
Arabian Peninsula, acknowledging the status of a woman was not even a privilege
to survive in society, the status of a woman in society was unpleasant, she was
oppressed and persecuted, And all kinds of glory and virtue were for men only.
Even in the ordinary course of life, men used to keep good things to themselves
and give to women in vain. Islam removed from a limited range of ideas and notions,
Women are given the same status as men. 

is the nature of religion and has given a complete course of life for its
believers. In Islam, there is no difference between a man and a woman in the
matter of religion. Their physical appearance is certainly different, but as
humans, both are equal. Islam has taken full care that as a woman her rights
should not be distorted, her abilities will not be crushed and her injustice
will not be done with it. 

Muslim woman has a high position in Islam and has an effective role in the life
of every Muslim. The woman is the first school in the foundation of a righteous
and good society when she follows the Book of Allah and the Sunnah. Because
holding the Book of Allah and the Messenger of Allah is the reason for the
ignorance and 
unawareness. The greatest cause of the error of the nations is the
distance from the law of Allah. Which the prophets brought to the welfare of
the nations. The Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)
said: I leave two things inside of you, as long as you hold them firmly. Will
never go astray One is the Book of Allah and my Sunnah. 

Importance of Women’s Rights in Quran: 

the Quran, there are several verses about the importance and position of a
woman. Whether it is mother or sister, wife or daughter, Islam has described
the rights and rights of each of them in detail. One of the most important
rights of a woman is to thank the mother, to be good to her, and to serve her.
The right of the mother is more than that of the father in dealing with good
manners and good manners, as the mother suffers a great deal of difficulty in
terms of childbirth and education. In addition, Islam, in keeping with all
these distresses, deserves more kind treatment to the mother, which is a great
blessing on the woman in Islam. 

is International Women’s Day celebrated? 

of International Women’s Day:

a hundred years ago today, women working in a textile factory in New York for
ten consecutive hours called for reduced work hours and increased wages. She was
dragged on horseback to the streets, but despite this violence, women continued
to fight against forced labor. 

of women’s continued struggle and everlasting sacrifices, the first World
Conference of Women was held in Copenhagen in 1910, attended by nearly a
hundred women from more than 17 countries. However, women continued to fight
against forced labor. As a result of women’s continued struggle and everlasting
sacrifices, the first World Conference of Women was held in Copenhagen in 1910, which decided to
celebrate the World Day of Cruelty to Women went. 

United Nations Declaration: 

March 1956, the United Nations also decided to celebrate International Women’s
Day on more than 20,000 female protests in New York against the ban on black
farm workers. 

women’s day Seminar’s and Conferences: 

occasion, conferences and workshops will be held around the world in which
women will be given equal rights. In order to highlight the importance of
women’s society where World Women Day is celebrated all over the world, women have also
proved that without their participation no society can go the way of

the eve of the World Day, a tribute will be given to those brave women who
fought for their rights. On this day, thousands of organizations from different
countries around the world highlighted efforts for women’s social, political
and economic development. Walks and ceremonies will be organized. 


all this detail, it is well understood. That all religions recognize women of
every status, prestige, and position,
 especially in Islam. Islam does not discriminate between men and women as human beings. There is no master, no slave woman; both of them have different working areas. However, they own their place of importance and both equally deserve human rights, honor. 

are advancing in every field and must fight to regain their rights. So that women
can recognize their rights, protect their self from the exploitation of bad
behavior men and play your role in building a righteous society by training on
the moral principles of the new generation. 

are an essential and respected part of human society. A woman’s natural place
in society is her home where she is the queen of her little state and the loyal
and obedient companion of her husband. The same thing can be said about its
natural role in national life. As it is said, the home without a mother is a

If a
woman’s social and collective awareness is strong and well-developed as a
result she can perform various feminine tasks. Through which she can exert a
pleasant influence on home life as well as on the outside life. 

despite all the circumstances, we still have women who have shown excellence in
every field. In this regard, the girls’ schooling rate has increased over the
past 20 years. 

I must say that unless a woman is given her position and honor in society, a
good nation cannot be revealed. The journey from a good girl to a good woman
cannot be determined without education, skill, and respect.