illnesses, symptoms, causes, and treatment

disorders and anxiety


person knows that speaking the truth is good but speaking the truth is harmful
occasionally. He knows that lying is evil. Nevertheless, by lying, millions of
human beings are benefiting. 


force will she now be, and what will be her passion that will convince this man
to speak the truth? No matter what the fear of death, or even the damage caused
by it, he still does not care. However, that man will support the truth. This
is the real problem of ethics and deontology. Moreover, as far as the concept
of goodness is concerned.

is not blind and deaf, but Allah has given man external hearing and vision. In
the same way, some ideas about what is good and what is evil are given in the
world. Especially in the modern Western world that the philosophers have tried
to present the fundamentals of morality, the fact is that these fundamentals
are like a wall of sand. For whom there is no stability.

human being knows that goodness results in happiness and good morality.
Nevertheless, the question is, can this happiness be a permanent and stable
basis of morality? When asked about which person’s happiness is. One man’s
happiness may be contrasted with another man’s happiness.

who has been told (courage and discontent is a step distance). Just as thought
and spiritual happiness are believed to have a deep connection with morality.
Similarly, the world knows that there are many people whose personalities are
distorted. They gain happiness by hurting others. Abusive people are found in
the world. It is learned that happiness cannot be the basis of higher morals,
because it is not a sustainable motivator or because it has no lasting power of

philosophy is theory is profit. It is a famous English proverb. (Honesty is the
Best Policy). Of course, this is also partly true. Moreover, if a person in the
business is dealing with honesty and integrity. So it will become credible.
People will start to believe it. He will prove to be a successful businessman.
Its authenticity and trust will be beneficial to the world as well. This is
partly true. However, moving it forward, one person’s profit becomes another’s
profit. Therefore, it turns out that this is not a permanent rule.

concept is given in the world. The name of “collective benefit” is
that if a person belongs to “collectiveness” and at his heart, there
is a component of true love for that community, for example, for his community,
his people, and his country.

it forms the basis of a code of conduct. I will admit here that this is
partially true. That a nationalist or patriot would be a good person for their
nation or homeland. Will not cheat them. Besides, will not deceive them.

our world today, this is a fact. That is when you go to England or America.
There is a time restriction. Someone visits China. He says that the system of
Islam is there. The morality and character of the people, there is discipline,
dealing with people cleanly, not cheating, and not acting deceptively.

with these things is certainly useful for promoting good manners and enforcing
outbursts. The main thing is that nationalism and patriotism, and furthering it
with human friendship or ideology, these things promote good manners and are
useful to them. However, here it is. Nevertheless, its scope is very limited. Because
that is what we observe.

whole world knows. That those who are very true to their people, who do not
deceive people, are right in business. These same people shed the blood of
other nations. Moreover, these are the civilized nations when it comes to
internationalism. Therefore, there is no greater liar than them, greater liars
than them, and no one is more unjust than them.

illnesses such as anxiety and depression are often reported to people, although
they are slowly reproductive disorders.

in four people suffer from them, and people suffering from physical problems
for a long time developmental disorders at some point in their life. According
to the World Health Organization, by 2030 depression, which is a mental
disorder, will become the largest infectious disease affecting humans

is a disease like any other disease, its cure is present and the person
affected can be fully cured. But the truth is quite intriguing. Yet the disease
is common. It is still a topic all around the world that people know very
little about. Rather, they are ashamed to talk about it. According to health
experts, unless mental illness is considered a disease like any other
disease, the problem remains unresolved.

Disorders Experts

say that many of the patients with the aforementioned problems often do not
confront their disease because of shame, which worsens their health. The World
Health Organization has been engaged in efforts to raise awareness of mental
illness in the past two decades.

that World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10 every year to raise
awareness of mental health. It was first organized in 1992 by the World
Federation of Mental Health. The World Federation of Mental Health is a global
organization. Which covers over 150 countries.

October 10, various programs and events around the world raise awareness of
mental disorders and their impact on human life. According to a renowned
psychologist, unless a person is relieved of anxiety and stress, achieving
complete physical fitness is impossible. If you want full health, first place
positive thoughts in the mind.

to the habit of joy and happiness instead of sadness and sorrow. Instead of
anger, create a happy nature, and get rid of the narrow-mindedness. These are
all psychological diseases, which are the enemy of human comfort. Mental
pressure is making life difficult for almost everyone today.

side effects are:

Mental stress causes many physical problems. Generally, the effects of stress
on the heart are affected. Mental pressure weakens the veins of the heart, as
it often leads to hypertension and weakens the mood of the heart. Which
increases the effects of a heart attack.

The body’s immune system is severely affected by mental stress, the body’s
ability to fight off diseases, and the nerves weaken.

People with mental stress are more likely to be reconciled to the use of
meditation, as human beings seek temporary comfort.

Mental stress as it gives rise to various diseases, thus reducing the duration
of a person’s life.

Tension affects the nutritional routine of a person. Most people do not feel
hungry and have acid problems.

Due to the stress of the head, the hair becomes premature and even starts to
fall. Moreover, the skin starts to deteriorate even earlier.

The World Mental Health Foundation has identified ten things that people can do
to take care of their mental health by following them.

a balanced diet:

special idea of ​​diet protects a person from stress and stress. All of them in
a balanced diet. The ingredients are found. Which are essential for human
development. The ingredients for a balanced diet include legumes, snacks,
starch, vitamins, and fats. In their absence, the diet will not be called

Exercise daily:

affects the human mood immediately. Whether it’s in the gym, walking, or
cycling again, it improves mood and health. Exercise is also a fascinating
source of social cohesion.


crying is a positive process for health. Although the person’s feelings and
emotions are not very good at crying. But by crying the grief of the human
being is gone. And after this, man feels light.


is the cure for grief, and it has very good effects on the human heart and
mind. Stay away from frustrating movies, books, and people, because frustrated
people make you sad too. Always sit with people who are alive and create good


benefits of sleep are as much mental as physical. Physical sleep is the stage
when the body regains its lost energy after sunlight during the day. But with
it, the same process happens in the brain. Humans must sleep at least 7 hours
in 24 hours.

in touch with college friends:

In a
time when the world seems dark, it is like a ray of hope with a partner. So
make sure there is plenty of time for friends in your life. So that your
friends and yourself are not alone when bad times come.

Do not
break ties with close relatives:

with close relatives are a real influence on this matter. That’s how a human
feels. Set expectations lower than others, high expectations lead to
disappointment. And man becomes distant from his companions.

for help when needed:

longer you ignore problems, the worse the problem will be. So do not hesitate
to ask for help and get help from family, friends, and college friends when

time for yourself:

people complain of lack of time, do not blame anyone else for it, but make time
for yourself. Attractions and hobbies are important to your life.

but not all the time:

last thing is the most important. Remember that work is important for a short
life but that is not all. So take care of your comfort too. Since the colors of
the world are linked to healthy living, the world becomes colorless if it is
not present in life.