and developed states hoarding covid-19 vaccine for their population. Rich
nations are storing the coronavirus or covid-19 vaccines, and people in poorer
nations could miss an opportunity as a result.

will the poorer countries compete with the richer countries to get the Covid-19
? Because the people of poor countries are already mired in inflation.

the same time, we need to look at how the global epidemic, the coronavirus, has
hit the people of these poor countries hard. 

covid-19 vaccine effectiveness

the coronavirus vaccine trials were successful, the richest countries,
according to their purchasing power, had already entered into agreements with those
pharmaceutical companies to buy the vaccine.

As a
result, many poor countries are making many efforts to get this vaccine.

may have seen and read many newspapers and magazines social media and
television on this topic, but I also wanted to include myself in this good

may have seen that people collect donations to solve someone’s problem.

we imagine that other people would also have contributed to that donation
according to their ability, but what would be the increase in the donation from
our money.

it is not like that, because drop by drop becomes an ocean.

I also thought that maybe my writing on this serious issue would make the leaders
of rich states realize that they should bring a meaningful and positive change
in their thinking towards poor countries population.

all must know that this coronavirus is an animal virus so our body is unaware
of it. Therefore our antibodies cannot currently compete with it.

rich countries have stockpiled this covid-19 vaccine for their population but
the question is when will it be available to the poor countries.

Wealthy countries have bargained for
excessive vaccines for their populations by paying in advance.

Which will have a very bad effect on
the people of poor countries.

Good News Covid-19 Vaccine:

But there is also good news that
many international charities will buy vaccines for the people of poor countries
from the pharmaceutical companies that have developed these vaccines.

it will only meet 20% of the need.

from poorer countries find themselves at the bottom of the queue in getting to

untimely and plentiful deaths will occur at that time.



of Covid-19 Vaccine:

governments are also looking at how effective these vaccines are. Whether or
not this vaccine may poisonous.

rich people will remember about human rights, then hopefully people in poor
countries will also get this vaccine.

things turn out the other way around, then what is the point of celebrating
Human Rights Day? 

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of Human Wars:

will give you a brief overview of man and history for a while, but I will not
waste your precious time but it is also important to know.

we look at the history of the world, we will see the horror stories of such
horrific wars buried, which man has not been able to forget till today.

war is not considered part of human nature, it is also a fact that the history
of wars is as old as man himself.

the history of the world and the wars, we can see that all the wars that have
been fought so far have started with slight and ordinary matters.

wars began for the petty interests of kings, states, and governments. From
which millions of human beings became the victims of the horrors of other human
beings like themselves.

world is full of historical wars, hunger, poverty, and violence, and
surprisingly, such wars are the result of human selfishness. Whose horrific
stories still make people’s hair stand on end.

if we look at the wars of the last 100 years, apart from the oldest wars in the
world, there will be stories that not everyone can hear or tolerate.

is no reason for a person to control the fire of hatred with the power of his
love if he tries to overcome all kinds of negative attitudes and incline his
nature towards positive tendencies to subdue his natural love for hate.

the present situation, there is no such thing as ethics.

is an integral part of human nature.

both World War 1 and World War II caused so much financial and human damage
that it is unprecedented in the history of the world, and in which about
millions of people lost their lives in those post-world wars.

it did not benefit man at all but destroyed humanity. Then why these wars and
for what?

two words, which have an amazing effect on human life, have the potential to
change the nature of society.

Even in the days of Corona’s disease, we hated humans, not the disease. Our
attitude towards human beings shows that we hate human beings, not a crime. That
is the cause of our destruction.

must love and respect humanity so that society becomes the cradle of peace with
the intention of no crime but humanity spreads.

main reason is the moral decline and the lack of love for each other.

beings have lost their mutual trust and confidence, only hatreds remain.


the end, the point is to stop the black business of hatred at every moment.
Share your love. Love humans and don’t hate them.

beings have seen only barbarism, hunger, and disease from wars.

have invented the atomic bomb only for the destruction of human beings and not
for the welfare of human beings.

widespread use of modern weapons of mass destruction is only for the devastation
of humans, not to kill fatal beasts.

this valuable capital should be spent only on the welfare of human beings.

Do not
make a few days of temporary life more ugly and unbearable by promoting harmful
and dreadful emotions like hatred.

hatred and strife are personal and international loss to all of us.

leaders of rich countries should also think for the people and the welfare of
poor countries.

that the people of poor countries can easily use this Covid-19 vaccine on time
and they too can be protected from this terrible and deadly Coronavirus.

give your opinions about this because your comments are valuable to us. Thank