People who wear face masks outdoors have a significantly lower risk of COVID-19, even in high-risk areas. 

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This was revealed in a new medical study in the UK. 

It is already known that covering the face protects other people from COVID-19. 

But this large-scale study by Oxford University’s Liverholm Center for Demographic Sciences found a clear link between using face masks and reducing the risk of illness outside the home. 

For this research, COVID-19 Infection Study (CIS) was used in which short questionnaires were filled out from the participants and they also underwent continuous COVID-19 tests. 

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These people were asked how long they work outside the home, how easy it is to maintain social distance from people in the office, whether they go to the office by public transport and talk directly to others daily. Whether there is communication or not. 

The study found that the use of face masks outside the home in the UK in mid-December 2020 significantly reduced the risk of contracting the COVID-19. 

According to the study, the rate of COVID-19 was higher in people who did not follow the precautions to protect from COVID-19, including the use of face masks. 

Researchers have found that non-compliance with COVID-19 protection measures is often the result of personal attitudes or choices. But there are many people who, due to home or office situations, are not able to take precautions like social distance, so they are at high risk of getting infected with COVID-19. 

He added that the results show that those who do not follow other measures can significantly reduce the risk if they use a face mask. 

People who cover their face outside the home are less likely to be infected with the COVID-19, he said. 

The results of the study were published in the medical journal BMJ Open