Special People —————————–Special Card 

Special CNIC Process Explained Step-By-Step Process: 

People with disabilities can get this special computerized national identity card (SCNIC) from all NADRA centers across Pakistan based on disability certificates. Disability Certificate can be obtained from NCRDP Ministry of Social Welfare and Provincial or District Department of Social Welfare as well. 

disability certificate procedure

Who can get or eligible Disability Certificate: 

Eligibility Requirements: 

As per the Disabled Persons (Employment & Rehabilitation) (Amendment) Act, 2012, any individual with a disability can apply for a Disability Certificate in Pakistan. These certificates are issued on both a temporary and permanent basis. 

How to make a Disability Certificate in Pakistan: 

Social Welfare Department: 

First, you have to go to your district’s social welfare office, There you fill out a form and have two recent photos attested with a copy of the parent’s ID card attached to the form. 

After that, you will have a medical check-up, after the medical check-up you will be given a certificate. There is no fee for this certificate. This certificate is made for free. 

How to make a special disability card from NADRA : 

After making Disability Certificate: 

All persons with disabilities can visit the NADRA office in their district and obtain a special identity card based on the disability certificate. Under this card, people with disabilities will be given special benefits by the government of Pakistan. 

When you have completed your medical examination. After this, you will visit the Polytechnic and Vocational Colleges in the next phase. Once you have verified the forms from these two respective colleges, you will then go to the Office of Employment Exchange Program. There you will verify the forms by the Office of Employment Exchange Program. 

Get concessions from the government of Pakistan by making a disability certificate. The government of Pakistan provides financial assistance as well as other benefits to persons with disabilities. If you do not have a disability certificate, apply today. Apply for Special Disability Identity Card from NADRA after obtaining Disability Certificate. 

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Disability Certificate Requirements: 

  • Four passport-size photos. 
  • Four copies of National Identity Card or Form ‘B’ (for applicants below 18 years of age) 
  • 1 / Copy of birth certificate. 
  • 1 / Copy of Matriculation Certificate. 

People with disabilities will be able to avail of government benefits under this special card

Government benefits for Persons with Disabilities: 

  • Discount on train tickets. 
  • Jobs quotas are given. 
  • Discount on bus tickets. 
  • Admission on a quota basis in different universities. 
  • Free medical facilities. 
  • Monthly financial assistance of two thousand under the Ehsas program. 
  • A free wheelchair is provided. 
  • Special National Identity Card with Lifetime Term.