Social Media Accounts are Hacking Now 

Hackers began hacking less commonly used social media
accounts. Keep using your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media
accounts. If you use less, then cyber fraud using modern technology will hack
your accounts. Will commit financial fraud through your account. According to
FIA cyber wing data, social media hacking incidents have spread across Punjab. 

social media

The FIA ​​Cyber ​​Wing has received 2,500 online hacking requests from Lahore
and other cities in Punjab. These include phone recording hacking, company
websites, and social media. Most people’s bank accounts were hacked and they
lost millions of rupees, some even complaining that some social media accounts
were hacked and immoral videos were uploaded on them. For this, the stolen
software was used. According to cyber security experts, Pakistan has a large
number of users who cannot create their social media accounts such as Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. They have all the details of those who create
these accounts.