Summary of Quran Chapter 35, Surah Fatir or Al-Mala’iKah 

Surat Fatir or Al-Mala’ikah The Originator of Creation,
or the Angels 

In this surah, polytheists are mainly invited to believe
in monotheism and the hereafter. And it has been said that in this universe the
signs of the perfect power and wisdom of Allah are spread all around. A serious
consideration of them first reveals the fact that the Almighty who has created
this universe does not need any partner or helper in running the system of his

quran chapter 35 fatir the angel

And the second is that He cannot create this universe in
vain without a purpose, surely it has a purpose, and that is that those who
will live a good life here according to His orders will be rewarded. And those
who disobey should be punished, for which the life of the Hereafter is

Thirdly, the one who has brought the great factory of
this universe into existence from nothingness. It is not a difficult task for
Him to eliminate it and create a new world of the hereafter, which should be
denied as impossible. And when these facts are accepted, it can automatically
prove that when Allah Ta’ala approves that man should live according to Allah
Almighty’s will in this world, then it is obvious that He should tell people
His will. 

For this Allah must be issued a chain of guidance. The
name of this chain is Prophethood, and the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is
the last messenger of this chain. In this surah, the Messenger of Allah (peace
and blessings of Allah be upon him) has also been given the consolation that if
the disbelievers do not obey him, then there is no responsibility on him. 

Rather, the duty of the Prophet (peace and blessings of
Allah be upon him) is only to convey the message of truth to the people in a
clear manner. It is their job to believe it or not. And they themselves will be
responsible for it in the hereafter. 

name of the surah “Fatir” is taken from the very first verse which
means the Creator. Another name for this Surah is Surah Malaika (the angel’s) because angels
are also mentioned in its first verse.